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The Dynasty

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Hey whatsup guys,

I'm a big Yankee fan, but I'll be damned if I start a Dynasty with them (basically because I'm not a big fan of AL baseball, in general, and basically, the Yanks wouldn't be challenging enough). I was hoping that you guys'd help me out. Here's some things I'm looking for in the team.

1.National League

2.Generally young, high potential rotation (can already have some studs in the rotation)

3.Top bullpen (preferably young, but whatever--a top bullpen is the most important thing).

4.AT LEAST a decent offense, with some high potential bats

5.Above average fielding

6.Pretty damn good farm

Hell, there might not be a team like that out there, but maybe you guys can give me a few suggestions. I'm very knowledgeable about baseball, as I watch games every night with my mlb.com plan, but I just wanted some other opinions from other well-versed baseball fans. Thanks.

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