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Madden Mods??


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I was wondering THE EXACT same thing yesterday. I wish Trues would start a maddenmods.com. I'd definately look at making videos, sound mods, and even a CRAP-O mod if wanted. I just bought 2005 off of ebay for under 10 bucks brand new (hope this guy ships it and doesn't lie/steal my money). I plan on installing that thing right away and seeing if I can do mods for 2005 but there is no place where you can upload/download mods. Only rosters it seems. :roll:

I think http://mva.crushem.net has a list of Madden links at the bottom right if you check that sight out. Start there. Most of the Madden sights on Google are for leagues or just rosters so this sucks. Trues- Howzabout a Maddenmods.com? :shrug:

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