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kerms rosters and the mvpedit dilema


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guys, they are just rosters for a video game. relax. i think that kerm has done a nice job with his rosters. i prefer Geforce's, but that's me. There are a bunch of different rosters out there, so don't let not being able to use one set kill you. i really can't see what good a roster set is if you can't edit them, but some people don't care about that. they would just as well load them up and be done with it.


Kerm, thanks for your efforts.

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man i've read this thread day in day out and it has no basis.

there is no original work in modding. THATS WHY ITS CALLING MODDING.

modifications on someone else's junk.

you can't protect your work, you cant copyright it.

it's not that big of a deal if some one uses your stuff without telling you.

as long as your credited in the end.

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