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Today's Uniform Updates


Which uniform set of mine is your favourite thus far?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Blue Jays Baby Blue
    • Washington Senators
    • Blue Jays Canada Day
    • Mets Spring Training
    • Padres Camouflage
    • Red Sox St. Patrick's Day
    • All of the above

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Today I completed working on, and uploaded the New York Mets spring training uniform (orange), the Boston Red Sox St. Patrick's Day uniform and finally the San Diego Padres camouflage uniform.

Let me know what you like or dislike.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello ther cartersyard,

Very nice job on all of those uniforms. Are you continueing to work on those Colt 45s uniforms you had mentioned earlier? Also, you had mentioned updating the Senators with the stripes on their stirrups. Is that still in your plans as well? Keep up the good work and hope to see more from you in the future. I really appreciate and admire you attention to details.

Take Care,


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snepp... augh! why didn't i think of that? damnit!

stecropper... the colts' uniforms are still in the works... i'll try to get something done by week's end. i'm just working on the home uniform now. as for the senators' socks, i haven't forgotten. they're coming.

goldensuitcase... sadly i do not. that's the only way that i know of to add uniforms. wait... fuzzzone just added a uniform selection tool yesterday, give that a try. the only other thing i can suggest is that if you have back-up copies of uniform.big and models.big start using them. it's a pain i know, but it's always good to start fresh.

that's it for now... there's more to come...

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I can edit the poll for you if you want to add something to it. I don't know if there is a time limit on a user being able to edit their own poll.


if you could do that, that would be great... i tried but it wouldn't allow me. i guess just add a line saying all of the above... thanks for your help.

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Im getting a little pissy as well.

I put the original version of all uniforms back in, and that cleared up all that I had done, but it stil has the same problem.

Is there a limit of how much I can add onto this game? Why would it say insufficient space?


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let me show you what I am doing

download file

extract file to a file I call "TEMP"

open EA graphics editor

open uniforms file from frontend folder in mvp folder

click on import wizard

the left side, i browse to the uiniform file

the right side, i go to my temp folder, add the 2 new fsh. files, and click next.


I try one at a time as opposed to 2 and it does this as well.



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Goldensuitcase: I highly recommend you try the program out. If you're having problems, somewhere along the lines you may have corrupted the models.big or uniforms.big.

By the way, this one just really random but does anyone know where i can find everdever's stadiums?

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technically, the possibilities for all the different kind of jerseys out there for MLB teams might be inifinite..well maybe not infinite but lets say, n^30. That's assuming your switchin back and forth all the time between uniforms. Otherwise it would be 9^30.

hmmm..sorry, that came out of nowhere.

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Carter, I had to re-install the whole game, thereofre losing all I had done so far to it, but thats not so bad. I still had all the stadium and uniform files I downloaded and I got to finally get yours to work for me again so all is well.

They all look great. As for which one is better, Ill let ypu know when In actually see em all in action.

Thanks for all yoiur help

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G.Suitcase: I'm a bit curious to the kind of problems you are having. Let me know what's going on. Have you been installing these uniforms manually? Have you tried out fuzZMVP? What uniforms are you trying to install and to which team?

just trying to help.

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Carter, when you find time, I would like to see you attempt to make me 2 more METS alternate uniforms.

One is the "Ice White" that they wore around 98.


The next is the St. Patricks day uniform they wore about 2-3 years ago.

I think they wore it with white pants


Heres a picture of a hat they used this year. See if you can combine the 2. Decide what you think looks better, an orange bill or a completely green hat. I would think the green, but this is just so you can see.


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See, I dont know if CARTER likes to do these or not. Im just showing him options if he does. I really only care about the METS ones if he does any,m but I am offering more for those that like other teams.

carter, if this is a bother, then dont do em. Id love for you to do my METS, but i dont want to wear you out or take advantage, ok?

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