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Hi All,

Just working on some way to allow you to select your own set of 8 bats for use in the game...I wanted to make some kind of GUI but that is way beyond my attention span :)

Anyways, it's a batch file so far, here is the readme from it:


Spitoon's Bat Selector V 0.5 - June 29/04


This is my first attempt at creating some kind of interface to allow you to personally select which bats you want in the game.  I set it up to follow the bat descriptions in RGlass's editor as closely as I can.  For each of 8 slots you are able to select anywhere from 5-9 different bats out of a total of 50 bats all together.  This set includes all the bats from version 2, version 3.1, version 4 and some new ones.  There are basically 24 different bats, then options to add pine tar or tape to them.  If I get around to it, I'll add some more, it's really limitless as far as the programming goes, so I could add as many as I want.

Once the batch file is complete, it inserts your selections into the initstaz.big.

Installation instructions:


Unzip the entire contents of this zip into your MAIN MVP 2004 directory, the one with the MVP2004.EXE file.  

Double click on Bat Selector.bat

Answer the questions

Press Enter when asked by NFSHTool

Play the game with your personalized bat selection.

NOTE:  If you want to speed things up in future, right click on the Bat Selector.bat and choose Send To --> Desktop (create shortcut).  Then you will have a shortcut to it right on your desktop.


What do you think?? Any interest in it?



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sounds good. hmm, wonder what kind of different selections?

Basically what it does is this:

First screen you get to choose from 8 "Natural bats" cooresponding to the light brown from RGlass's editor. There is a Natural Rawlings, Natural Mizuno, Natural Louisville Slugger, and Natural Sambat, then there are options to add pine tar or tape to some of them....

So the way it is set up, you decide which one you want, and press the cooresponding number, then it moves on to the next one...Dark Brown I believe...then to the Red set, then to the Black set and so on...

I was going to make it so you could select any bat for any slot but I decided to adhere to the guidelines set forth by RGlass's editor....You can have any combination of bats in the 8, you just can't have the same bat appear twice...I don't know why you would want to anyways.

When you are done selecting all 8 bats, you can either return to the start and do it over, or you can tell the program you are done. If you are done, it takes the 8 new images and packs them into your initstaz.big file...then you can start the game and enjoy your custom set of 8 bats.

I'm just in the process of fine tuning (spellchecking etc.) and I should be able to upload it later tonight, or at the latest tommorrow sometime.

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