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US Cellular Uploaded and Done.


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Like I said no wall ads or retired numbers but a lot better than what EA did.

Enjoy it.

US Cellular Field Version 1.0

Changes to both Night and Day:


New Photorealistic Scoreboards

All ads High Res and Photorealistic

Recolored the Walls to Black

Recolored the Concrete

Big thanks to gr8slickg for his photos. They helped a lot.

Serial Mikes Grass still used.

Thanks for the Grass Mike.

Sky by GoChiefs and RGlass.

Everything else created by Pirate.

Thanks to Everdver to making this discovery public.

Thanks to Ezorn for answering a question along the way.

Thanks Renegade for inspiring me to do this. Had it not been for that series in NY at Shea I would not have attempted it.



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Guest Deznuts

Basically perfect, minus the retired numbers on the left-center field wall like you said. Excellent job!

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Even without the wall ads and retired nos., this is an outstanding improvement to the original. I was only wondering if it's even possible to put the new roof on the upper deck. If it is possible that would be incredible. But even if it isn't this is still nicely done.

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