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Dynasty PayRoll Problem Advice Needed


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Hey guys, Im playing a dynasty with the Dbacks.

Problem Im having is with payroll. I went through all my guys MLB thru A to check what they would like their contracts to be.

If I gave everyone what they wanted

(or what the game will allow me to give) on the contracts I would need like 150 million payroll and I would end up with 50 people on my AAA team and 5-6 people on my A & AA teams.

WHY the hell is this game so difficult to make all your players happy with the contracts..

I dont usually have a problem with my MLB or AAA guys cause with trades and stuff I can get it right and everyone will be pretty happy...

but, with the A and AA teams id have to trade half the rosters for inferior players just to have a happy team...

do you guys have any advice on how to work out the contracts and payroll problems in this game.

thank you

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It gets easier when you finish one season. I had a pretty big payroll for my first season, and had like 20 guys in my minor league system who all wanted major league or AAA contracts, but after one year, pretty much all the free agents ask for more reasonable contracts, even some mlb vets willing to accept AA or A contracts.

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But will turning player happiness off actually cause them to take more reasonable contracts ?

Or does it just make it so they are happy with what they got, but, will still want more when you goto negotiate the contracts ?

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I looked under game options the only things I can see there that are remotely like"player happiness" are

Team Chemistry Effect ON/OFF

Energy Level Effect ON/OFF

I dont see anything in there that says player happiness...

I even tried to start a new dynasty to see if its in the initial selection menue before you pick your team when creating a new dynasty not there either...

Am I just being blind ?

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