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Should I Get A New Computer?


Which System?  

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System: Current

Processor: 1.73 Ghz AMD Athlon XP 2100+

RAM: 736 MB

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 2 GPU (32 MB)

Sound Card/Speakers: Nvidia nForce/Logitech

Hard Drive: Western Digital SATA 5200 RPM

CD Drives: LG DVD Reader/CD-RW (48x/32x/16x), Black 52x Reader

OS: XP Pro SP2

System: New

Processor: 2.2 Ghz AMD Athlon64 3700+

RAM: 1024 MB

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 6600 (128 MB)

Sound Card/Speakers: Creative Labs Soundblaster PCI 7.1

Hard Drive(s): Western Digital SATA 5200 RPM, SEAGATE 160GB SATA-II 7200rpm

CD Drives: LG DVD Reader/CD-RW (48x/32x/16x), Black 52x Reader, DVR-111D BK : Pioneer 111D BK DVD-/+RW 16x8x16 8x DL CD-RW 40x24x40x

OS: XP x64/Windows Vista Home Premium (When Released)

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Lower end Athlons are bad, higher end Athlons are good as any high end Pentium. What ever you do, stay away from Windows Vista OS untill they've had time to work out the bugs and fix it. (Remember Windows ME or XP 1st release? :p) It usually takes Microsoft until SP2 to fix everything.

I'd also hold out until you can get a 3.0 Ghz processor or better. That way you won't have to upgrade/replace it in a year.

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I have an Athlon XP64 3200+ and I absolutely love it. Way cheaper than a comparable Intel processor, and faster.

Keep in mind, the actual clock speed of a processor isn't important at all. It's the rate at which information transfers through it.

And if you're upgrading your video card, I highly recommend getting a 256mb card. 128 won't cut it if you're pulling high end games.

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