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Bringing It Back To The Twin Cities: A Twins Dynasty


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Level: All-Star

Rosters: UR 6.5+

Datafile: Kumala Final Mix

Sliders: Custom

Pitch Cursor: Fade

Hot/Cold: Off

Strike Zone: Off
1: (LF) Shannon Stewart 

2: (C)  Joe Mauer  

3: (1B) Justin Morneau 

4: (CF) Torii Hunter

5: (3B) Michael Cuddyer 

6: (SS) Juan Castro 

7: (2B) Luis Castillo 

8: (RF) Rondell White 

9: (DH) Nick Punto
1:  Johan Santana

2:  Brad Radke

3:  Carlos Silva

4:  Kyle Lohse

5:  Francisco Liriano

SU: Juan Rincon

CP: Joe Nathan

I will be playing every game of this dynasty, as well as doing game updates with video highlights for all games. I will try to keep this as fun and in depth as possible.

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Game 1: Minnesota Twins (0-0) @ Toronto Blue Jays (0-0)

Johan Santana (0-0) vs Roy Halladay (0-0)

North Star Gazette

By: CJ Adams

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Opening day brings joy all around the world as baseball is upon us. Opening day also brings us some of the best pitching matchups of the season, which is what we had as the Minnesota Twins took on the Toronto Blue Jays. Going for the Twins was superstar ace, Johan Santana and Toronto threw all-star Roy Halladay. The game was a complete pitching dual up until the 6th inning when the Twins exploded for 3 runs thanks to a stolen base by Shannon Stewart, an infield single by Joe Mauer and a 3 run blast by Justin Morneau, which may I add all happened with 2 outs. As for Johan Santana, he was carrying a perfect game up until the bottom of the 7th when Alex Rios managed to hit a bloop single into left field. Johan ended up finishing the game with a 1 hit shutout, and totalling 9 strikeouts with his biggest victim being Bengie Molina who counted for 3 of the k's. When asked about throwing a perfect game, Johan replied that he had no idea that he was carrying one for that long, and if he did, would have probably located the pitch Rios hit in a different spot. Johan also stated that even though the perfect game was broken up, he was very happy with his performance and predicts another great pitching matchup for tomorrow. Tomorrow the Twins will throw Brad Radke while the Blue Jays will put one of the biggest free agent acquisitions of the season in AJ Burnett on the hill. Until next time.


Morneau hits a 3 run homer in the 6th


Johan throws a strikeout

Special Interest Area:

Click here to see box score

Click here to watch Johan Santana strike out 9 batters VIDEO LINK

Click here to watch Blue Jays Fielding Gems VIDEO LINK

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Game 2: Minnesota Twins (1-0) @ Toronto Blue Jays (0-1)

Brad Radke (0-0) vs AJ Burnett (0-0)

"Mishaps for Twins All Around"

North Star Gazette

By: CJ Adams

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Riding back into the Rogers Centre after an opening day win, the Minnesota Twins looked confident and felt like they could pull off a 2nd win in a row. With a 2 run top of the 3rd, it made them that more confident. But then came the bottom half of the inning. The first batter of the inning, Aaron Hill rocked a first pitch fastball down the middle of the plate for a homerun, that pitch would also result in the last pitch thrown for Brad Radke for the rest of the season as he tore his right shoulder muscle. In to relieve Radke, the manager brought out Scott Baker, who didn't do too much for the Twins as he gave up 5 runs in only 3 innings, including giving up 2 homeruns to Blue Jay Vernon Wells. Being down 6-2, the Twins were able to score a run in both the 7th and 8th innings, and with Nick Punto getting on with his 3rd hit of the game and 2 outs in the top of the 9th, Toronto reliever BJ Ryan was able to get Shannon Stewart to fly out on a deep fly ball to end the game. After the game was over, the General Manager went into the Free Agent pool and signed SP Wes Obermueller to a 2 year deal. And hopefully for the Twins, they will be composed to try and take the series from the Blue Jays tomorrow night.


Castillo steals 3rd


Wells 2nd blast of the day

Special Interest Area

Click Here to see box score

Click here to see Castillo Steal 2nd & 3rd VIDEO LINK

Click here to see some Twins Highlights VIDEO LINK

Click here to see some Blue Jays Highlights VIDEO LINK

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