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Hell Has Frozen Over


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Never before have I realized how volatile the world is until I saw how quickly a couple of kidnappings could turn into full scale war on terror and the world’s leading nations politicking. I do now realize how easy it is for all nations to rise against Israel for the “last days†to come. If this isn’t the last days, I know now how easy and quick it could come when it does come. Hell has frozen over.

I live in a world where the ugly hair styles and clothing are making a comeback. Spandex/leggings are being pushed on women as if it is cool to dress in the 1980’s while boys younger than me are starting to wear hair does that resemble the show Eight is Enough. Spicoli is what I call those kids that walk around the mall with too much hair on their head. I never thought that crappy era would ever come back. I think I had better go ahead and pull out my Michael Jackson red pleather/leather jacket with spikes, complete with loafers and a white glove studded with diamonds. Hell has frozen over.

The Atlanta Braves run is coming to an end, and I’m actually happy about it. Maybe some major trading off of all of our key players for hot rookies would do the trick. The only thing is that it is the Mets that are number one in our division, the Mets for crying out loud. The Mets are like Toaddie, from Christmas Story. They’re like our little step child that we push around every year and laugh at them for spending so much to try to beat us and all of their players never pan out. I can’t believe the Mets are number 1 in our division, and in fact have a ton of likeable players. Hell has frozen over.

I never thought I’d see the day where the crappy teams are loaded with young promising talent, and could very well be the next dynasties: D.Rays, Marlins, Tigers, Brewers, etc. Hell has frozen over.

Let’s just hand the WS trophy over to Detroit right now. Do we even need to hold a post season when we all know who is going to win? I actually am seeing the day when the Tigers are likely to win it all. I never in a million years….

What the freak? The Astros, Rangers, and Braves are competitive teams? I love it but never thought I’d see all three of my favorite teams do so well. Hell has frozen over.

Man, my PC has amazing graphics and I feel so unworthy to be able to play the hottest games. BF2, COD2, and F.E.A.R. I also have 1.5 gigs of ram. I’m content with my PC rig. Hell has frozen over.

Hulk Hogan is super old and has his own TV show. Even that dude frok KISS is getting his own show. Oh, and yes, Run from RUN DMC has a show. I’ll be looking out for The Bushwackers or Road Warriors to get their own show. Hell has frozen over.

Also, I’m not playing MVP 2005 at all. I’m not even watching MLB on TV. I did however catch my first live game on espn.com and loved it. Hell has frozen over.

I’m not modding. Hell has frozen over.

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I think you've been drinking too much there buddy

I agree.

I dont see how you go from talking about the wars of the world, then going about sports, then to reality shows. Then making assumptions that LOD or the Bushwackers are gonna get their own reality show. If they do, does that mean teh world will end?

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back in the day the tigers and even the brewers for a while were pretty damn good franchises. i don't know if i'd lump them in with crap franchises they just have had a long rough ride as of late. i'm happy to see the tigers competitive again.

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