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What is your favorite band/performer/rapper/singer?


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The Dave Matthews Band.

Started listening to them about a month ago and now I cant get enough.

My Favs:

The Killers

Frank Sinatra

The Strokes

Rascal Flatts

Carrie Underwood

The Eagles

Dave Matthews Band

Diana Krall


I guess I'm not really a fan of artists or genres but music as a whole. My tastes are all over the place, not like a lot of people my age.

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I saw them a couple days ago, amazing concert. I've been going to tons of concerts recently. My cash flow is dwindling :lol: Oh well, I', seing Rascal Flatts Nov 1. cant wait.

You went to the first or second show? My brother went to the second one cuz he had free tickets. lol

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