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[align=center]I will be simming and playing most of the games, games like the playoff, or the Subway Series I will play. This is just to speed things up since the "real" 2006 season is done.[/align]


[align=center]And so it has begun, the New York Mets travel into the year 2006 with the faith to make it to the Post-Season. GM Omar Minaya has done everything to revamp the NY Mets so they won't look like a re-run of the 2005 season.[/align]



All-Star Difficulty

Hot/Cold zones Off

Variable Strike Zone On

Umpire Blown Calls Off

Variable "Stuff" On



Tywiggins' Schedule Updater

Tywiggins' Team Changer

Trues' YES '06 Overlay

Trues' MLB Ball

Totte's Ultimate Rosters v8.0 Standard Edition

Hory's Total Portraits 2006 Complete Set

KC's Total MLB 1.09

DaDonch's Portrait Transactions Update[/align]


Team Summary

- Offense -

The Mets have signed very good up-coming rookies to make the team healthy all the way. From faces like Melky Cabrera and Matt Cain to Ol' Vets like the speedy Tony Womack. 2 faces that might seem familiar are the likes of Jose Reyes and backup catcher Ramon Castro. This lineup consist of players that can stay healthy all the way because of there young age.

- Defense -

The "new" Mets features some of the most exciting fielders there is to see. Like 19 year old, Delmon Young and 20 year old Melky Cabrera. Who have risen through there old teams farm system. Also the Mets farm system talent, Jose Reyes who has the potential speed that can assure the Mets an out on any groundball towards the young shortstop.

- Starting Rotation -

The pitching for the Mets this year is in a very good condition. Starting with the powerful pitcher Ace, Barry Zito. Zito was signed to do 1 thing and 1 thing only, to be the Ace of this ballclub and win as many as 10 games. Also another pitcher, Rookie Matt Cain who can deliver 9 innings if left in the game. The Mets Starting Rotation is revamp full of young talent who can stay in the whole game and can rest the bullpen from any inning work.

- Bullpen -

This year the Mets bullpen is compact and stacked with young arms. Including the hand of young Top Prospect, Phillip Hughes working the Long Relief role. A 98MPH fastball controls the Young right hander to a possible Cy Young award.

- Catchers -

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike Piazza has finally left the building. Dioner Navarro has taken over as the Starting catcher. Not as solid at the plate, but a very good catcher to say the most also his fielding can lift the Mets from any pop-up. Taking over the Back-up role are Vet. catchers Ramon Castro and Raul Chavez.[/align]


Mets 25-Men Roster:



Pitching Rotation:


CP - Fernando Rodney[/align]

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[align=center]Breaking News:

Flushing - Word out of Mets GM Omar Minaya is that he has recently traded RP Roman Colon to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Infielder Tony Graffanino. This trade was ment to be because of the Mets lack of outfielders in the bench. This trade will favor each side of the ballclub.[/align]

[align=center]Graffanino is now a outfielder.[/align]

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