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Rebuilding A Dream: The Boston Red Sox Dynasty


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[align=center]Rebuilding A Dream[/align]


[align=center]Really interesting Dynasty I'm sharing since I'am a die-hard Yankees fan. Just want to try something new, since there isn't a Red Sox dynasty around here for a while might as well start one for the Red Sox fans.




Tywiggins' Schedule Updater

Tywiggins' Team Changer

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Hory's Total Portraits 2006 Complete Set

KC's Total MLB 1.09

DaDonch's Portrait Transactions Update


Red Sox General Manager, Theo Epstein. Announced today at the Red Sox press conference that the Red Sox from today on will be rebuilting a team, meaning that if a injured player "somewhat" gets injuried they will not find a trade to be finalized but instead will go to the Farm League.[/align]

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[align=center]Boston @ Texas[/align]



Texas -- Curt Schilling and the rest of the 2006 Red Sox make sure that the 2004 Home Opener vs. Rangers was a fluke. Curt Schilling pitched an amazing 9 innings making sure the bullpen got an extra day off. Hank Blalock homer gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead in the 5th but wasn't enough.[/align]


Manny Ramirez belts a HR at left field for the tie in the 6th inning.


Curt Schilling strikes out 6 players in a gem of 9 innings to shut down the Texas Rangers for the opener.


Hank Blalock 1st HR of the 2006 season gives the Texas Rangers a 1-0 lead in the 5th.[/align]

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[align=center]Boston @ Baltimore



Baltimore -- Baltimore O's stuggles continue as they lost another game to the Boston Red Sox's. With a awesome show at the plate Mike Lowell was given the Player of the Game award. As he and the rest of the team put the nail on the coffin' to tame the O's.


Eric Hinske catches a quick line drive to make the 2nd out of the 9th inning.


Mike Lowell HR's in the 7th inning, which was decided the GW Homer.


Daniel Cabrera stuggled to keep the O's in tie form.


Corey Patterson lines one to deep right field to keep the Orioles going.


Results From Texas:

Game 2 - BOS def. TEX 3-2

W: Manny Delcarmen (1-0) L: Scott Feldman (0-1) S: Keith Foulke (1)

Game 3 - TEX def. BOS 7-6

W: Scott Feldman (1-1) L: Mike Timlin (0-1) S: Akinori Otsuka (1)

Boston wins series in Texas


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AL Transactions:

TOR signs Damian Moss

BOS Designates Jeff Bailey for Assignment

BOS signs Marlon Byrd

MIN signs Jose Leon

ANA signs Tony Batista

NL Transactions:

STL signs Pat Jackson

Mets sign Jose Cruz Jr.

STL signs J.T Snow

AL Injuries:

SEA Richie Sexson: Minor Concussion = 10 Days

NL Injuries:

SF Ray Durham: Minor Concussion = 14 Days

MIL Derrick Turnbow: Fractured Toe = 20 Days

Note: The Pics of these I deleted due to the slowness that this page would load.

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I would but he has a huge contract, 1 yr. 8.30M.

Sure you like, it's 1 year just release him. But really it will cost the team in payroll next year if i release him, also prevents me from getting some good FA.

i think he means javy lopez is no longer with the red sox, am i correct?

btw, nice dynasty going here geo, should be interesting coming from a red sox fan.

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[align=center]Toronto @ Boston



BOSTON -- It was a very sunny day for the Boston Red Soxs and there fans as they win there Home Opener. "You want to do that, they did the little things today to get the win" said Brooke Daniels a fan who was just outside mighty Fenway Park.


AJ Burnett stuggles as Benji and others try to get him back in his pitching form.


Coco Crisp delivers his 1st Home Run of the 2006 season, let's make sure it isn't his last.


Wakefield pumps his fist in the ending of the game to close out the 4-2 gem.


Ramirez, Youk, and Lowell celebrate as they closed out the home opener in Boston.


Results From Baltimore:

Game 2 - BAL def. BOS 4-3

W: Hayden Penn (1-0) L: Lenny DiNardo (0-1) S: Chris Ray (2)

Game 3 - BOS def. BAL 6-1

W: Curt Schilling (2-0) L: Erik Bedard (1-1)

Boston wins series in Baltimore


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[align=center]Seattle @ Boston




Boston Clubhouse discuss about Papelbon's good pitching performance.


Manny Ramirez drives in his amazing 11th RBI of this early season.


Papelbon all smiles after the final out of the game, this serves as his 1st win in his "Rookie" season.


Results From Boston:

Game 2 - BOS def. TOR 3-2

W: Mike Timlin (1-1) L: Ted Lilly (1-1) S: Keith Foulke (3)

Game 3 - BOS def. TOR 6-1

W: Craig Hansen (1-0) L: Shaun Marcum (0-1)

Boston wins series in Boston


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Results From Boston:

Game 2 - SEA def. BOS 5-2

W: Jarrod Washburn (1-0) L: Curt Schilling (2-1)

Game 3 - BOS def. SEA 3-2

W: Tim Wakefield (2-0) L: Felix Hernandez (0-3)

Game 4 - BOS def. SEA 3-2

W: Manny Delcarmen (2-0) L: Julio Mateo (0-1) S: Keith Foulke (4)

Boston wins series in Boston


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[align=center]BREAKING NEWS!


Rumors are that Boston are eye-balling some pitchers that may help them from playoffs and beyond, some pitchers include O's Daniel Cabrera, Tampa Bay's Travis Chick and even the Mets, Mike Pelfery. Who is slated to be traded before the trade deadline.

The Red Sox mentioned they could use some of the young pitchers that there is to offer.[/align]

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