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The Lone Ranger: A Texas Rangers Owner Mode Dynasty


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I got bored with the my old Indians one so i'm doing a team I like. I will manage and play. Mostly play.


MVP 06

Tons of stadiums

Grass changer mod

and I think that sums it up

Opening day coming in a little while....

Stadium: Nabisco Field

Trades I did:

Pads P A. Embree to the Rangers for P R. Mahay

Rangers P A. Eaton and C R. Barajas to the Indians for C M. Ramirez, C V. Martinez and P J. Lara

Rangers 2B Jerry Hairston Jr. traded for Cardinals P Tyler Johnson.

Signed P Daisuke Matsuzaka

Pirates P M. Gonzalez traded to Rangers for P W. Littleton

Dodgers J. Loney traded to Rangers for J. Botts and Minor League P A. Murray

Rockier trade SS Kaz Matsui to Rangers for Minor Leaguer J. Rupe

Depth Chart:

G. Matthews Jr. CF/V. Diaz

M. Young SS/J. Arias/K. Matsui

V. Martinez C/M. Ojeda

C. Lee DH/M. DeRosa

M. Teixeria 1B/J.Loney

H. Blalock 3B/M. DeRosa/J. Arias/K. Matsui

B. Wilkerson LF/M. DeRosa/C. Lee

M. DeRosa RF/N. Cruz/V. Diaz

I. Kinsler 2B/M. DeRosa/J. Arias/K. Matsui


K. Millwood RHP

V. Padilla RHP

J. Danks LHP

K. Wells RHP

D. Matsuzaka RHP

J. Benoit RHP

T. Johnson LHP

M. Gonzalez RHP

A. Embree LHP

A. Otsuka RHP (CL)


John Koronka, 44 days

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Opening Day Preview

Rangers Try to Bounce back with a winning season

By: Dom/MVPmods.com

TEXAS-- Last year was a long year for the Rangers. Missing the playoffs again, pitching was horrible, and even more problems. "I think that if we try hard enough, we will be a winning team this year", said Rangers GM Jon Daniels. "Our fans have suffered enough, its time to win".

The Rangers acquired alot of talent this winter, Victor Martinez, Alan Embree, Kevin Millwood to name a few. They lost, Ron Mahay, Rod Barajas, Adam Eaton and some others. "I am happy we signed Kevin (Millwood)", said New Rangers Manager Juan Agosto. "He gives us an ace that will go out every 5th day and give us a chance to win".

The Ranger starting rotation looks strong this year. "I think we have one of the better starters out there", said Manager Agosto. "We have a great Lefty in the middle, and 4 good righties around him. If any reason Volquez struggles or for that matter anybody in the rotation, I won't hesitate to trade or call up Danks or someone else. "I think it will hold up though."

The Ranger Lineup looks strong as ever. "We got a playmaker in Victor Martinez", said GM Jon Daniels. "We had to give up Adam (Eaton), a great player, but we got a great hitter in return." Carlos Lee was also added to the big-hitting lineup this offseason. He will play DH, splitting time with Botts, and Leftfield, splitting time with Wilkerson.

"This team has great things ahead of them", commented GM Jon Daniels

Opening Day will pit Ace versus Ace. Schilling versus Millwood. Game starts at 7:05 tomorrow.

Opening Day Match-up:


Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Rangers win on Opening Day

Millwood pitches a gem, Rangers take game 1

By: Dom/MVPmods.com



TEXAS-- The Rangers take opening day by a score of 8-1. Millwood pitched a gem, going 6 and allowing no runs. Only run for Boston came off of Manny's bat. Embree surrendered that run. "It was a towering shot to right", said Embree. "I knew it was gone from the second Manny (Ramirez) hit it".

The Rangers were hitting the ball very good tonight. "I was more than satisfied of what we did with Curt (Schilling)', said Manager Juan Agosto. "He is one hell of a pitcher. Hopefully we can keep hitting the ball hard all year". Victor Martinez got the ball rolling with 2 outs in the 1st, hitting a double to the gap. That would start a 2 run rally off Curt. Curt would only last 3.1 innings in the game. "I felt I let my team down", Schilling said. "I could of did alot better. Things will turn around in my next start". The Rangers would score 6 more in the game.

The Sox bats were just too quiet. The only run for Boston was on a Ramirez solo shot to right. David Ortiz was hitless in the game and the lone Millwood strikeout victim. "I was more than not happy", Ortiz said. "I have to look at what I did wrong and go out tomorrow and help us (Redsox) win".

Tomorrow's game will feature Vicente Padilla taking on Boston's Josh Beckett. Game time is at 7:05.


Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Rangers reportidly interested in Japanese Pitcher?

Matsuzaka interested?

By: Dom/MVPmods.com


TEXAS-- A news reporter from the Texas Star reported that the Texas Rangers are interested in Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka. The highly touted 25-year old tossed a 15-win CY Young season in 2001. "I would be more than happy to join the Rangers", said Daisuke. Their are alot of teams in the running for him, here are some: New York Mets, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners and the Rangers.

The Texas Star also are reporting that he won't go cheap. "We want him back but we want him to live his dream", commented Seibu's Manager. Jon Daniels would have to sign him through a system called "The Posting System" reports another source in Texas. "Whatever happens, happens", GM Daniels said. "I will try my best to acquire him".


Scouting Report (By Ken Rosenthal/Foxsports.com): The book on Matsuzaka is that his fastball tops out at 96 and gets some nasty sink when he throws a two-seamer in the low 90s. His next-best pitch is a slider as good as any in the big leagues. He has a handful of secondary pitches, including a change, a roundhouse curve ("Gyro") and a split-finger fastball.

He has always been a workhorse. Topping 140 pitches when he was only 24.

Japan Career Statistics

Daisuke Pitching

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Press Release

By: Dom/MVPmods.com


TEXAS-- Huge news out of Mr. Daniels office, the Rangers have traded 2B Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Cardinals for Relief pitcher Tyler Johnson. This season Tyler has a 0.00 ERA in 2 innings of work.

Rangers Manager Juan Agosta and GM Daniels said they are not done by a long shot trying to sign Japan Pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. "We are still negotiating with his agent", GM John Daniels said. "We will try our hardest to get him".

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Results for Game 2 of the RedSox series

By: Dom/MVPmods.com


Score: 4-2 F

TEXAS-- Quick Summary: Josh Beckett didn't start because of a sore arm. Wakefield started in his place. Former Tiger Dimitri Young signed with the Boston after game 1. He played 1st for them tonight. Trot Nixon was hurt last game. Willy Mo Pena started in Right. Texas had their regular lineup.

The game started slow with Wakefield striking out Matthews Jr., but in the 2nd inning Rangers catcher Victor Martinez hit a double on a 0-2 knuckleball off Wake(Victor Martinez went 4-4 off Wakefield in the game). Wakefield retired the next 3. In the 3rd, Carlos Lee crushed a triple in the gap. That would start a 3-run rally after Boston SS Alex Gonzalez made a leaping effort to get a gapper for the 1st out. He came out of the game with an injury. The Rangers would score one more in the 6th on a double by Wilkerson, scoring Blalock all the way from 1st.

The Redsox hitting started ok with 2 singles in the 1st off Padilla, then got even better when they scored 2 in the top of the 2nd off Padilla. Both runs were on a throwing error by Padilla. That was all the scoring for the Sox in the game as the Texas bullpen mowed them down in the 7th, 8th and 9th. Rangers closer A. Otsuka came in the 9th and got the save to end the ballgame.

Next game will feature Rangers Lefthander John Koronka taking on Matt Clement. Game time is at 4:15.

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Looks pretty good man, I'll follow... Good two wins, nice article and scouting report on Matsuzaka. I'm also loving the Hairston for Johnson trade, Seeing Johnson in the playoffs, he impressed me. Good luck man.

Thanks, next game will be up early tomorrow. :popcorn:

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Rangers Make Four huge Moves

Rangers acquire Matsuzaka, Matsui

By: Dom/MVPmods.com


TEXAS-- "It was only a matter of talking to his agent", GM Daniels said (about Matsuzaka signing with the Rangers). Today was the day that the Seibu ace signed with the Texas Rangers. "I offered him enough money to negotiate. Just a bit more than the Yankees."

Matsuzaka will take the place of Volquez in the Rotation. Volquez will be sent down to AAA to regroup and get together before he goes back to the rotation. "I think will be seeing him soon", Manager Agosto commented after hearing the news. "He is still young yet and needs to prove himself a little bit more".

The other 3 guys that they acquired today are, SS Kaz Matsui, P Mike Gonzalez and 1B James Loney. "We now have all the pieces", Manager Agosto stated. "Its all a matter of putting them together now".

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Big Papi gets his bat going

Sox take game 3

By: Dom/MVPmods.com


Final: 5-4 Boston

TEXAS-- The Redsox got it going in the 1st with a 3-run shot off of Ortiz's bat. Ortiz would go 4-4 in the ballgame. John Koronka would retire the next couple batters of that frame.

The new Boston shortstop Pedroia also got it going for the Redsox this evening. He went 2-4 with 2 RBIs in the game. "All I did is tried my best to hit the ball", Sox shortstop Pedroia said. "Thats what I enjoy and get paid to do".

Rangers pitcher John Koronka left the game in the 4th with a sore elbow after throwing 64 pitches. He is expected to be out for 44 days. "My elbow felt sore after I threw that slider to (Manny) Ramirez". "I just hope I can come back strong".

Rangers have called up Lefthander Danks from AAA to replace the injured Koronka. "I think its a great choice from our Manager Mr. Agosto", GM Daniels stated. "I hope John (Koronka) comes back soon".

The Rangers started very slow hitting the baseball off Boston righty Matt Clement. "All I tried to do is put my team in a position to win", Boston pitcher Clement stated. "You need to bring your A game against this great lineup that their Manager Juan Agosto assembled".

The Rangers would have a huge 6th, with 4 runs in that bottom frame, Including a 2-run blast off the bat of Carlos Lee and another off the bat of Wilkerson. "I was very lucky that it went out", Rangers hitter Brad Wilkerson said.

That would be all the Rangers would put up as the Boston takes game 3, 5-4.

The Tigers come to town for the next series. Next game will feature Nate Robertson versus Rangers righty Kip Wells. Game time is at 7:05.

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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Rangers Wells goes the distance in win

Rangers beat Tigers



Final: 12-5 W

TEXAS-- The Rangers starter Wells was excellent in win. He went 6, allowing no runs. Rangers bullpen pitcher Mike Gonzalez allowed all 5 runs. All earned. "I just didn't have my stuff out there today", Texas pitcher Gonzalez stated. "When I get called out there again, I will hopefully do better".

The Rangers bats were on fire tonight as Brad Wilkerson went deep, catcher Victor Martinez's average soars to a wopping .636 with 4 hits and Carlos Lee's 4 hit ballgame. "We just went out there and had fun", Rangers catcher Martinez said. "I just want to help my team get to the playoffs".

Tigers pither Robertson was very shaky, as he allowed 8 earned runs in the ballgame. "I am not happy with our pitching performance today", Tigers manager Jim Leyland stated. "We need to focus on winning, today wasn't our day".

Nate Robertson's replacement was just as bad, allowing 4 ER in 2 innings of work. All 4 runs came in the 8th inning. "If I could just have that one inning back we would of had a great shot at winning that game", Tigers pitcher Zack Minter stated. "I just have to focus alot more next game".

The Tigers bats were shut-out 6 innings, as Kip Wells had a great outing. "I didn't want to make him pitch in the 7th because of the risk something happening to his arm, he was already over 100 pitches", Manager Agosto carefully stated. "We can't afford to lose another arm".

Tranactions: The (AAA) Oklahoma RedHawks called up Daniel Haigwood from Frisco RoughRiders (AA)

Haigwood's career statistics: http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/players/playerpage/580521

Next game will pit former Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers versus the major league debuting Daisuke Matsuzaka. Game time is at 4:35.

Dom is a reporter for MVPmods. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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