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Viva El Birdos: A 1967 Cardinals Dynasty


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[align=center]VIVA EL BIRDOS![/align]

Another season of great tradition in Cardinals baseball begins with one of the Cardinals most balanced rosters in it's history.

Manager Red Scheondist has official stated that Nelly Briles has earned the #3 spot in the Cardinals starting rotation behind Gibby and Lefty. Briles, who was originally penciled in as a reliever was impressive enough in Spring Training to warrant atleast a temporary turn. His first start will be in Los Angeles.

In other team news, Orlando Cepeda has officially announced that he will put down the rolling papers and bong long enough to play some baseball this season. Promising news for the Redbirds Crew. McCarver, however, will continue to say pointless things and drop useless information on the opposing hitters from behind the plate.

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Game 1: Boxscore

San Fransisco Giants vs St. Louis Cardinals

Juan Marichal vs Bob Gibson

Busch Memorial Stadium

In Game 1 of the Season, the San Fransisco Giants flew into St. Louis for a 1 game series to kick things off. Bob Gibson and Juan Marichal squared off as each teams rotation starter.

Gibson started the season in dominating fashion, only needing 7 pitches to retire the Giants lineup in the first inning. The game zipped along without any real offensive action until the 3rd, when the Giants jumped on the board off of an Ollie Brown solo HR that managed to stay fair just long enough to give San Fransisco the lead.

For the Giants, innings 4 through 8 would be extremely difficult, managing no hits, 3 strike outs while only seeing 38 pitches.

Meanwhile, in the bottom of the 6th, the Cardinals got a bit of a rally going. With 1 out and nobody on, Brock hit a screaming fly ball that just caught the top of the wall to stay in the park, leaving him at second base. Flood followed with a beautifully laid down sacrafice moving Brock into scoring position for Cepeda with 2 outs. Unfortunately, Red miscalculated on a hit and run suicide and Brock was out by 4 steps at home.

Adding to the embarrassment, in the 7th, Cepeda lead off with a 2nd pitch opposite field Homerun (his first of the year) to tie the game. The decision to steal Brock would prove costly in this offensively stringent game.


Maris would walk that same inning, only to see McCarver ground out (moving him over) and the next two batter produce nothing.

The game remained tied until the 9th, seeing St. Louis threaten again in the 8th with a Gibson 1 out single that resulted in nothing.

In the Top of the 9th, Ollie Brown singled, providing San Fransisco's first hit since his 3rd inning homerun. The future HOF'er Willie Mays dug in and on the first pitch in the at-bat, Gibson got him to ground into a 4-6-3 DP.

Gibson continued to deal in extra innings, striking out 2 in the 10th. In the 11th, he walked the lead off man in Tom Haller. After the sacrafice, Gibby was able to get the next two batters to fly out to end the threat.

The Cardinals offense was sadly non-existent in the extra innings. One single and a sacrafice was all they could manage.

Finally, in the 12th inning, Gibson relented to the Giants offense. After a lead off single to Willie Mays, McCovey hit into a certain DP that SS Dal Maxvil sailed over Cepeda's head. McCovey moved to second, representing the go ahead run.

Hart followed with a ground-out, moving McCovey to 3rd base. What followed was a diluge of singles. Relief pitcher Frank Linzy smoked an 0-2 sinker about ankle high into centerfield, scoring McCovey easily. Haller singled, followed by a Lanier single that Flood's arm kept from being an RBI opportunity. Finally, with the bases loaded, Tito Fuentes hit into a fielder's choice to end the inning.

The Redbirds didn't make contact on a single pitch in the bottom half of the inning.

Overall, Cepeda and Gibson looked exceptionally good. Brock, for the most part, was kept off the basepaths and thus neutralized his speed.

Following the game, Cardinals catcher Tim McCarver insisted that he had never seen a relief pitcher in his third inning of work get a game winning RBI. He paused and the uttered: "The relief pitcher was in there for his pitching, but after the manager left him in to hit...the single was the 'Rolaids' that brought the Skips stomach relief". CF Curt Flood merely rolled his eyes.

The Cardinals square off against the Dodgers next in a 3 game series.

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To get the boxscore to look right from your website:

In the main directory, you want to have the all.css file and the images folder. Also in the main directory, you need a folder that contain your boxscores.


Also, you might want to consider running my schedule updater. With it, you can set the game date back to 1967.

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Game 2: Boxscore

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

Bill Singer vs Steve Carlton

Busch Memorial Stadium

Same story, second verse.

For the second time in as many games, a Cardinals starting pitcher has thrown a complete game and ended up with the loss. This time, it's was at the hands of fellow 'West Coast flighter' Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers, who now start the season, 2-0, sent Bill Singer to the mound.

What resulted was a pitching lovers delight. Carlton lead the Cardinals for 9 innings, giving up 8 hits and recording 7 strikeouts. His only mistake of the game was an 0-2 fastball on the inner half of the plate that Lou Johnson demolished.

Singer, on the other hand, completely dominated the Cardinals offense. In now 21 innings of baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals have managed 1 run and no hits with runners in scoring position.

Besides Carlton's sparkling performance, the lone Cardinals highlight of the game was a 4th inning defensive gem turned in by Curt Flood. Jim Lefebvre at 2nd and Lou Johnson at first, Al Ferrara hit a 1-2 slider into the leftcenter field gap that Flood tracked down, spun and threw slightly up the 1st base line to McCarver waiting at the plate. McCarver dove and applied the tag inches before Lefebvre could score.


Cardinals catcher Tim McCarver said of his teams offensive play, "When Singer took the mound, he wasn't the only one making music. If our offense were the fat lady, we were providing back up vocals since the first inning." Cardinal first basemen, Orlando Cepeda looked over with bloodshot eyes from his locker and laughed hysterically.

The Dodgers and Cardinals play again tomorrow in Game 2 of the 3 game set.

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Now this kind of stuff is what makes this all worthwhile ! (-:

I have marked this thread and will follow your Cards to the Flag ........

In my '67 Dynasty they have started 7-0 !

I hope you are good with the lumber because '67 wasn't a very fun year for hitters.

Thanks MUCH !

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Game 3: Boxscore

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

Claude Osteen vs Nellie Briles

Busch Memorial Stadium

Cardinals manager Red Schoendienst had a hunch at the beginning of the season. He played that hunch, despite it going against convetional wisdom. So far, that hunch has paid off.

While the manager couldn't have anticipated the importance of a start this early in the season, he knew there was something special in that right arm of reliever-turned-starter Nelson Briles and that he would come up big for this team.

With the Cardinals starting the season 0-2, Briles pitched masterfully, going a complete game along the way striking out six. The Dodgers started the game with a leadoff single from Willie Davis. For the following 8 innings, Johnny Roseboro's 2nd inning single was the only Dodgers offense. Briles would face only 1 hitter over the minimum in this game.


"Nellie is the type of pitcher that goes out there and pitches," said Schoendienst. "There are guys, some on this team, that just go out there and throw. They throw their best pitch and say "there it is, hit it". Nellie works in and out of the zone, using his curve and change up to set up his fastball"

For the Cardinals offense, the team still hasn't figured whatever 'it' is out. What they did finally do is get a hit with runners in scoring position.

Following a Curt Flood bloop double down the right field line, Orlando Cepeda hit a bloop single that fell in the rightcenter gap. Flood rounded third and as replays show, clearly slid in ahead of the tag at home. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, the homeplate umpire saw if differently.

For the game, the Cardinals did manage 10 hits, although none particularly impressive. Their outs, however, did show excitement in two balls caught up against the right field wall.

The scoring drought for the Redbirds finally ended in the 5th inning when Mike Shannon hit a linedrive single over the secondbasemen's head. Nelly Briles was able to lay down a 1 out, 2 strike sacrafice to move Shannon into scoring position. With 2 outs, Brock hit a groundball that skipped over top the first base bag and rattled into the corner. Shannon scored and and Brock's double became the only the 2nd Cardinals hit with runners in scoring position on the season and the eventual game winner.

Schoendienst says of his team, to have 3 guys start the season with 3 complete games has the bullpen guys looking for a hobby. He intends to restrict the pitchcounts of the starters over the next few weeks to keep down on fatigue. Schoendienst's says he never expected to send Briles back out for the 9th, but with the 6 pitch 8th inning and Briles dominance all game, the choice made itself.

Asked whether he felt used the Briles CG as a way of quieting critics after his teams 0-2 start, Schoendienst only chuckled.

Cardinals catcher, Tim McCarver, when asked about Briles pitching performance said, "Like the wrestling move, the Full Nelson, Nelson Briles choked the Dodgers offense until they were 'out'....27 outs to be exact."

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Yeah, I'm aware it's gramatically incorrect. However, it's based on various signs fans brought into Busch Stadium during the late 60's that read from 'Go Go El Birdos', 'Viva El Birdos' and 'Bravo Bravo El Birdos'.

Orlando Cepeda is the one who dubbed them the nickname 'El Birdos' so, take it up with him. :D

Trust me, 4 years of Spanish and I cringe everytime I see it.

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Yeah, I'm aware it's gramatically incorrect. However, it's based on various signs fans brought into Busch Stadium during the late 60's that read from 'Go Go El Birdos', 'Viva El Birdos' and 'Bravo Bravo El Birdos'.

Orlando Cepeda is the one who dubbed them the nickname 'El Birdos' so, take it up with him. :D

Trust me, 4 years of Spanish and I cringe everytime I see it.

I see, my mistake, good luck with the dynasty, I'll be checking in :wink:

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Game 4: Boxscore

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

Don Sutton vs Dick Hughes

Busch Memorial Stadium

Brock saves the day, Shannon ends it

Cardinals LF Lou Brock wouldn't be denied. Despite having an apparent HR robbed in the first inning at the wall, Brock was determined to help his team offensively for the first time this season.

The Cardinals early season offensive struggles continued in the rubber match against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers hurler, Don Sutton, seemed to have the Cardinals bats figured out for 6 strong innings.

"During the top of the 7th, Curt [Flood] yelled over to me and said 'Hey Lou, you know we ain't got one damn hit?!, " said Brock. "I looked up at the scoreboard and it was the first time I realized it. I got pretty heaping determined right then"

Brock didn't have to wait long. Cardinals starter Dick Hughes made quick work of Dick Schofield on 3 straight pitches, his 6th strike out, and Brock found himself leading off the bottom of the inning.

With the Cardinals trailing 1-0 off a misplayed single by Dal Maxvil, Brock hit a deep flyball to leftcenter this time, about 4 rows deep.

"He threw my a slider in the middle of the plate and there was no way I was going to have this one brought back," said Brock.


But Brock's heroics weren't finished. In the top of the 9th, with 2 runners on, Dick Schoefield yanked a fastball to left field that seemed certain to bounce off the high wall behind the fence. Brock wasn't so sure.

"As I got to the wall, I knew I might have a chance. Honestly, the wall is so high I really didn't do much than jump...and pray," Brock joked.

Brock, at full extension, had snared a would-be 3-run homerun and gave his team life. That life, however, would take some help.


Through the first 3 games of the season, the Cardinals had used only 3 pitchers. The well rested bullpen was put to work. After giving up a single to lead off the 8th, Dick Hughes was followed by 4 Redbird relievers. The relievers worked 6 innings, giving up 2 hits, 0 runs and notching 6 strikeouts.

Needless to say, the Cardinals are pretty pleased with the pitching staff they've got. The outcome of the game was matter that still needed to be resolved.

After threatening in the 9th, 11th, and 12th, Cardinals thirdbasemen delivered the final blow. On an 0-1 pitch, Mike Shannon turned on an inside fastball and launched it 367 feet over the left field wall.

"They had tried to beat me inside earlier in the game and I had just missed hitting it solid twice. What's that they say, 'fool me once, shame on me...fool me twice...er...it's something like that, "Shannon said. "Anyways, [Cardinal Manager] Red always says, put your head down and get around those bases. I'd be lying if I didn't peak alittle," chuckled Shannon. "All I could think was, 'Get up, baby...Get Up!' and it did."

The Cardinals, who were hitless for the first 6 innings, recorded 6 hits in the final 7. St. Louis is now on a 2 game winning streak after a disappointing 0-2 start. They face the Houston Astros in a 1 game series tomorrow.

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Game 5: Boxscore

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

Don Wilson vs Larry Jaster

Busch Memorial Stadium

To say that Cardinals RF Roger Maris has struggled this season would be an understatement. Offensively, he's provided little to nothing for the Cardinals this far into the season. For a proud man like Maris, that in of itself is enough for frustration.

However, what happened to Maris today was borderline absurdity.

"I couldn't get a read on the ball at all...neither one of them," Maris said sitting in front of his locker.

Twice in today's game, Maris misread fly balls to right field, diving past what would turn into triples. Those two triples accounted for 4 of Houston's 6 runs on the day.


In a game in which the Cardinals only scored 2 runs, those 4 runs came up huge.

"I know they won't show up in the boxscore as unearned," Maris said, "but those 4 hang on me."

As for the Cardinals offense, while only managing 4 hits, they solidly struck the ball all game with Houston turning in atleast 6 defensive gems. Only striking out 4 times in the game, the Redbirds finally showed patience at the plate.

However, they didn't have to wait long for the offense to get started. Brock led the game off with a smoked groundball down the line that Astros 1st basemen Doug Rader snarred and flipped to the pitcher covering. Curt Flood followed with an 0-1 homerun to right centerfield and the Cardinals seemed on their way.


Unfortunately for them, the only other scoring on the day would come on a Tim McCarver 8th inning homerun.

When McCarver was asked about the game, he replied, "It's been a long time since I have even heard of a team getting 3 triples in a game. I guess you could say it was a 'manage a'trios' of hitting."

Flood was able to get off the 'interstate' today, going 2 for 4 and raising his average to .200. Jaster was the first Cardinals starter to not go 7 innings.

The Cardinals take on the Giants in San Fransisco for the start of a West Coast road trip.

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Game 6: Boxscore

St. Louis Cardinals vs San Fransisco Giants

Bob Gibson vs Juan Marichal

Candlestick Park

There is no question that the St. Louis Cardinals brought their bats with them to the West Coast. In a rematch of the season opener, the Cardinals got to Juan Marichal early and late.

Orlando Cepeda, whose bat is warming over the past few games, started to scoring off with a 1st inning homerun blasted to leftfield. The shot was his second on the season.


"You know, mang, with Gibby on the hill, that's all we really need, you know?" said Cepeda after the game.

More times than not, for Gibson, that's true. In today's game, Gibson stymied the Giants bats relying heavily on his fastball and his slider to get ahead. With 2 strikes on hitters, Gibson didn't show the Giants anything they could center. Following a first inning single by centerfielder Willie Mays, Gibson held the Giants to 1 hit while striking out 10.

The one hit was a Jim Davenport 5th inning triple to CF. Gibson promptly struck out the remaining two hitters on 6 pitches.


Roger Maris, the goat of the Cardinals last home game, turned in a spectacular defensive play in left field on a long linedrive from the bat of Mays in the 7th.

When asked what was different about that linedrive from the others, Maris chuckled, "I caught it."


Maris would also spark the scoring in the 9th inning with a 1-out single, coming around to score for Julian Javier's first RBI of the season.

Gibson has now faced the Giants hitters twice, to totals of 20 innings, 10 hits, 1 BB and 18 strikeouts.

When asked what the key to his success today, Gibson replied, "It really was Ceppy's first inning shot. He gave me a cushion that I knew I could challenge the hitters no matter what...atleast until they showed me I couldn't."

Of their first road trip, Cepeda said "I don't know about the other guys, mang, but I got me a friend Mary Jane...she real good here in San Fransisco."


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Game 7: Boxscore

St. Louis Cardinals vs San Fransisco Giants

Steve Carlton vs Gaylord Perry

Candlestick Park

Lou Brock seems to be enjoying San Fransisco. Since coming to the West Coast, Brock has gone 5 for 8 thanks to a 3 for 4 performance against Giants starter Gaylord Perry.

The Cardinals offense put its' first crooked number of the season on the board in the first inning. Brock lead off with a single, then stole second. Curt Flood followed suit repeating Brocks' plan. Cardinal slugger Orlando Cepeda then singled down the right field line to score Flood.


Brock and Flood seemed to have a personal battle going for production. Brock would pick up another single in the 3rd. In the 5th inning, Brock lead off with a shot into the parking lot in right. Flood followed with a homerun to leftcenter field. Still down a single, Flood smoked a 2 out single back up the middle to draw even.

Both Cardinal speedsters were able to swip two stolen bases each off of Perry's delivery.

"We just had a good day. It's great to finally get the top half of our order hitting the ball. Ceppy was the only one carrying us for the first week," said Flood.


Orlando Cepeda, not to be outdone, chalked up 2 hits in 3 atbats with a walk.

Cardinal left-hander Steve Carlton mirror'd his first start of the season, going all 9 innings giving up 1 fewer hit (7) and recording 1 fewer strikeout (6). In both starts, he only relinquished 1 run, both off of a homerun.


This time, the offense was able to back him up.

The Cardinals go for the sweep tomorrow in the final game of this 3 game series.

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That's a possibility. I've just been messing around with different effects for different cities. If I find one I really like, I'll stick with it. I'd love to find an effect that matches the Time/Life photos found on getty. Vivid colors, almost with a Technicolor feel to them.

Thanks for the read.

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I haven't updated this in a long time and when I do, I will delete this post and give the full story, but figured I'd share this:

Joe Morgan did not have a good day. After starting the game off with a lead-off duck snort single that fell between Julian Javier and sub'd 1B Bob Tolan, Morgan was greated in the 4th inning with a 92 mph Nelly Briles fastball to the face. I hope it doesn't hurt any future post-retirement career he has planned.


Fastforward to the bottom of the 10th, Briles still in but holding on by a thread. Morgan shows bunt early, but then pulls the bat back to slap a ball towards the right side. Javier grabs it and throws out the lead runner at second base. Next batter up, Ron Davis singled to RF but Maris picked it up in a full sprint and was able to get the ball to Mike Shannon as Morgan retreated back to second.

Up steps Rusty Staub, 2 for 3 with a HR and 2 RBIs. Red finally makes the call to the bullpen bringing in the reliever Mike Torrez. Torrez throws two quick fastballs down and away, with runners at 1st and 2nd and 2 outs. Realizing that with a 1 run lead, there is no sense putting 2 runners in scoring position, he decides that on the 3rd pitch, he's going to throw a change up just inside the strike zone.

Staub promptly drills it to left field. Brock, who was playing deep to avoid anything getting over his head came in full sprint to pick the ball up on the hop. Unloading the throw towards home with full power, the ball reached home a full 4 seconds before Morgan ever got to the dish. McCarver stood over the plate, ball in hand, waiting for Morgan as the game ended.


No one asked Joe for a comment afterwards because they knew he'd probably say something stupid.

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Red's fury, Players' response

Game 39: Boxscore

St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies

Dick Hughes vs Larry Jackson

Connie Mack Stadium

It's no secret that the Cardinals manager has been unhappy with his teams offensive production. While maintaining a first place record in the National League, the offense had sputtered to a last place ranking. Schoendist, particularly unhappy with his two outfield stars Brock and Flood, decided to change up the lineup.

The new look Cards featured Bobby Tolan, Alex Johnson, and Ed Spiezio. Those who were spared the ax were not immune for changes. Orlando Cepeda, currently on a 5 for 22 stretch was bumped from his traditional 3rd spot and batted cleanup for the Redbirds.

The changes paid immediate dividends. In the first inning, the streaking Roger Maris singled up the middle and with two outs, Cepeda deposited his 10th homerun into the leftfield upperdeck.


The bench players stepped in to provide a 5 for 13 day, greatly improving over Brock and Flood's recent production.

Dick Hughes went 7 strong innings allowing 6 hits and 1 run picking up his 5th win on the season. Joe Hoerner's 9th inning work earned him his 2nd save.


Roger Maris, 7 for 24 on this road trip following his brutal 0 for 6 day last time the Cardinals and Phillies met at Busch has raised his batting average 24 points in the last week. Today's 3 for 5 performance was coming full circle.

"I felt pretty helpless the last time we faced the Phillies. I had my chances many times in that game to give us a lead and I couldn't do it. Gibby gave us 12 great innings and I put up a donut for six. What does that tell you?" Maris said.

The Cardinals and Phillies met for Game 2 of the series tomorrow.

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Cepeda and Maris, times 2

Game 40: Boxscore

St. Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies

Larry Jaster vs Rick Wise

Connie Mack Stadium

Roger Maris likes the road trip and Orlando Cepeda likes having people on in front of him.

In today's game, Roger Maris reached base safely twice in his four appearences and both times Orlando Cepeda doubled to score him from first.


"I didn't know my old legs worked that well," Maris said. "I thought for sure on the second one I was going to get caught. Must have laced up my PF Flyers real tight this morning."


Lou Brock, in his first game back after being benched for his poor offense responded with what should have been an RBI Triple. With Larry Jaster on first, Brock roped a fastball into the deepest part of the ballpark. As Jaster rounded third, he seemed to slow down, allowing for the ball to beat him to the plate. An unexperienced baserunner, Jaster never slide and was actually tagged in the face.


That is the least of Jaster's worries. After a lucklaster season thus far, Jaster is in danger of losing his rotation spot to Ray Washburn. Today, though, Jaster did his best to squelch that fire. Although starting the day rough allowing a homerun on the second pitch he threw, Jaster settled down, pitching shut out ball.

Jaster went 7 innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 6. Hoerner picked up a consecutive save in the 9th.

The Cardinals go for the sweep in Game 3 tomorrow, Ray Washburn getting a spot start for a fatigued Bob Gibson.

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GOOOooooo El Birdos !!!

This is great stuff ................

My RedBirds are 3 games behind the Bucs with only 10 games remaining (shortened 54 game season) ...... they lead most of the season but have faltered here as of late as the Bucs Bats are just Blasting away lately .......... The Tigers who also lead most of the way have been chasing the Orioles the last few games and now have them tied with, of all teams, the Yankees still in the hunt 2 games back --- It's the Yankees pitching that has kept them in the race !!!

Thanks so much for these updates Harecorelegend - they are appreciated!

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