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Yesterday on XM I heard his new song, using th eold song "Broken Wings" and to me one of the lyrics sounded like he said something suicidle like Cory Lidle. Now maybe I heard the lyric wrong, but if not I think thats in pretty bad taste to say that.

Can anyone clear me up on what the lyric is and maybe state their opinion ?

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this is like a month old song.

This is what he said

" I feel like A-Rod,

Some say he’s time up,

Boo a ninja at home,

Yup I’m in my prime but,

He by far the best player on team,

And then the turn-around drop into the bottom of the lineup,

Should get traded,

But he don’t wanna move,

Cause this the only city he got something to prove,

And that’s what I’m seeing with heaters,

Cause you can’t be the man when you on the same team as Jeter,

You dig?

It’s like the game aint getting to the bull,

Making me so sick, I need chicken noodle soup,

Rap was flying high, then got suicidal,

Imitation Jim Jones end up like Corey Lidle"

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It's just music. Plus its not libelist at all. I could write a story right now and publish it and say that Corey Lidle was a cocaine addict and he was doing lines of coke in the plane. I could not be sued because libel ends at death. Needless to say, this song got you listening and that's what he wanted.

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