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Well Wishes to Lamar Hunt


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Founder of the AFL, gave the Super Bowl it's name, NFL Hall of Famer, along with many other contributions to the being that is professional football...


I really don't like the Chiefs, but my thoughts go out to his family in this dreadful time. He's a good man and has been good to the community here in Kansas City. It doesn't look good, but hopefully he can go peacefully if it's indeed his time.

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He also owns the Columbus Crew (MLS) and is responsible for building a soccer only stadium here in Columbus. Im not a big soccer fan but there are a ton of others who are. His contribution to that sport should be mentioned as well.

Forgot all about his ties with soccer - he owned the Wizards until around August when he sold them to (if I remember correctly) a couple big wigs with the Cerner Corporation (a company here in KC).


here's a good summary of everything he's done and contributed - a lot of stuff I wasn't aware of...like that he created Worlds and Oceans of Fun here in KC


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