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Do any of you fellow manly men enjoy watching westerns, specifically spaghetti westerns (also known as Italian-Westerns, Euro Westerns...you know...The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Sergio Leone, and all the B-Stuff that followed...)?

The section of westerns in my DVD collection is by far larger than any other category and I'm always on the lookout for any new stuff or good films I haven't seen -- From the silent Great Train Robbery to John Ford to Johnny Depp in Dead Man, I like 'em all. But lately I've been on this big spaghetti kick and I'm looking for more in the genre. Anybody have any suggestions?

One of the reasons I'm interested is because one of my New Year's resolutions involves keeping up a steady drawing regimen, and I've decided to do a spaghetti western web comic. You can see my preparatory doodles on this blog.

Which leads me to my second question...do any of you Arizona/New Mexico folks have hi-res pictures of the desert I could use for reference?


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Those are all good. Leone's last western has yet to be released on DVD in the States. It's called Fistful of Dynamite / Duck You Sucker / Once Upon a Time in the Revolution, and it's pretty awesome. James Coburn as an Irish IRA expatriot helping the Mexican Rod Steiger (basically playing Wallach's Tuco) in the Mexican Revolution. Great stuff. Hopefully it will be out this fall.

Mo: Thanks for the compliments! All art you see has been done by me...except for the fonts.

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