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"Don't call it a fluke...We are back with a vengeance"


To be with a new franchise or Not to be...  

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You guys made it happen. Here is my 2007 Boston Red Sox Dynasty. Great Work and I am excited to start my 2007 franchise, although right now, I am still tweaking the website...While others might know their HTML better, get ready for the most comprehensive articles in a long time!! :popcorn:

MVP MODS rocks!! Thanks Guys, you have sparked new life with this mod!

I appreciate anybody following my Dynasty Mode!

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I had major issues with my PC the last couple of days, only to find out that it was my video card (GeForce 6800 GT) that went "bye, bye". Warranty is up, not even from EVGA directly was I able to get it replaced. Got a temporary card in there right now, but I had to reinstall everything since Windows was acting up as well. Long story short, I am now considering a different team for my Dynasty as well. Partially because there are truly quite a few Boston Dynasties out there right now, including a bunch on Dynasty Manager.

That's where I would like to hear your opinion. Should I continue in Beantown, or should I bring new flavor into our Dynasty Forums?

To mind came the Seattle Mariners, they have a very talented squad, but failed to prove that in recent years. Would be fun to take over that franchise...

The following poll is now actually in my original post. THX!

A) Continue Red Sox Dynasty

B) Switch to Seattle Mariners

C) Different club altogether

Thanks for your input guys! Check original post :twocents:

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He said because there seems to be a lot of Boston dynasties right now.

Exactly. Since I am huge Red Sox fan, and given Matsuzaka's signing, it felt natural to go with that franchise. I realized then, how many other Dynasties were already out there. In addition the computer problem, so I just got to think more about it. I hope Totte, kaplerisking and others will still follow even if I end up switching franchises...

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My PC is up and running again and as you can see in my modified SIGNATURE, I am pretty much set to go with my Mariners Dynasty. I am glad I have made this decision and hope that many of you will follow my 2007 season :biglaff:

I plan to start tomorrow, including an interview with a player...

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