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AMAZIN' AGAIN- A 2007 New York Mets Dynasty


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I will try to do the dynasty without it since it keeps giving me errors...

I will not play all 162 games, but I will play important games, and other games that interest me. I will manage the rest of the games. I will try to post something for games that I manage so you can see what happened.

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Perez Complete Game Gives the Mets Game 1

Mets: 3 Braves: 2

W: Oliver Perez (1-0) | L: Chuck James (0-1)

BOXSCORE: www.freewebs.com/mrmet924/NYM4.htm

Braves Shut Out Mets To Tie Series

Mets: 0 Braves: 4

W: Kyle Davies (1-0) | L: Mike Pelfrey (0-1) | S: Mike Gonzalez (1)

BOXSCORE: www.freewebs.com/mrmet924/NYM5.htm

Glavine Beats Former Team, Mets Win Series

Mets: 2 Braves: 1

W: Tom Glavine (1-0) | L: John Smoltz (0-1) | S: Billy Wagner (3)

BOXSCORE: www.freewebs.com/mrmet924/NYM6.htm

I will play the home opener VS the Phillies (pictures and recap included!)

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Mets Don't Disappoint in Home Opener

Mets: 6 Phillies: 4

RECAP: Despite a 3 run homerun and a solo shot by Chase Utely, the Mets rallied to defeat the Phillies in the Mets home opener. Carlos Delgado had 2 homeruns, and he scored the winning run in the bottom of the 9th on a walkoff homer by Alou. Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez pitched 7 strong innings, only giving up the 2 homeruns to Utely. Ambiorix Burgos pitched the last 2 innings, picking up the win.


"El Duque" Ends A Phillies Rally


Alou's Game Winner Against Gordan

W: Ambiorix Burgos (1-0) | L: Tom Gordon (0-1)

BOXSCORE: www.freewebs.com/mrmet924/NYM7.htm

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The recap looks much better with pictures, maybe colors for the text too?

And for the boxscore, are you using kraw's layout? if not it looks much better in presentation, maybe even upload it onto the page as part of the recap. Sorry for sounding nitpicky, but I've done some dynasties myself and I'm just trying to help lol.

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Maine and Bullpen Hold Off Phillies


W: John Maine (1-0) L: Cole Hamels (1-1) S: Billy Wagner (4)

BOXSCORE: www.freewebs.com/mrmet924/NYM8.htm

I used the other boxscore, but the colors/other formating that can be seen on my PC are not there when I upload it. Do I need to upload those images as well?

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Mets Bullpen Shuts Down Phillies


W: Scott Schoeneweis (1-0) L: Brian Sanches (0-1) S: Billy Wagner (5)

BOXSCORE: http://mrmet924.tripod.com/NYM9.htm


Pelfrey Pitches Well But it Is Not Enough


W: John Patterson (2-1) L: Mike Pelfrey (0-2) S: Chad Cordero (5)

BOXSCORE: http://mrmet924.tripod.com/NYM10.htm

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Tough loss, but for the box score, you need to have the boxscores in a folder that is in the main box score extractor folder. do you know what I mean? Without the box scores with the styles file in the boxscore extractor program's folder, it won't look right. But once you do that, they look awesome.

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