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Those who are proficient in MATLAB, can you please help with this problem. I am trying to execute the following code but I keep getting this message:



G=[.25 -.25 0;-.25 .50 0;1 0 0]


for t=0:.005:1


		Vs =[0;0;(10*sin(7*t))];


		I=[(Vs/R1) 0 0];



The error message I get is this:
??? Error: File: A2.m Line: 11 Column: 12

The expression to the left of the equals sign is not a valid target for an assignment.

Can someone please help me in regards to this. I am actually in a hurry. Thank you.

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I don't know what MATLAB is, much less what that code does, but you have a space after the "Vs" property where the others don't have spaces. Other than that, the error sounds as if it's something that's not been declared properly - like if you haven't specified what R1, for example, is.

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I was able to find out what the problem was. The code inside the for-loop should not be inside the parenthesis.

FYI - MATLAB is an expensive software that mainly utilizes MATRIX to solve problems. It has a hell of a lot of features. I am using it for college (Electrical Engineering major) and just started using them. Seems pretty interesting even though I hate coding.

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