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    Thanks for keeping at it fellas! Have played a half dozen games on a Windows 7 laptop with no issues. Everything looks and plays great. Thanks again.
  1. ​Ha!, it appears that my attempt at humor has fallen short. I'll take my lashes in private. Comical that Manny couldn't get crazy enough to not be taken seriously.
  2. ​Anybody have any clearer images of Manny being Manny? These could both be menu shots...
  3. Say what?? They couldn't have built these 20 years ago when I was playing little league!? In Branson!? Of course the outlet malls were booming back then, so no construction-ready site, but still.. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2014/10/18/tiger-stadium-replica-built-missouri/17515177/ Looks like the first phase will include Tiger Stadium, Busch I/Sportsmans Park, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Forbes Field and Griffith Stadium... Full buildout is too blurry to read. Anyone? I see Polo Grounds, Kauffman, Crosley, Busch II?, Yankee...
  4. Thanks for the responses. They may be basically worthless, but I may check in over at a few other sites.
  5. Cleaning out the basement, prepping for a garage sale. Once again, I find a three disc boxed set that has CD-ROMs and manuals for Hardball 5, Tony LaRussa Baseball 3 and Old Time Baseball, all in excellent condition. I think I picked it up at a TJ Maxx/Marshall's overstock type a decade (and then some) ago, never really played any of them. I know that Old Time Baseball used to have a decent following, and there are a couple of copies on eBay at inflated prices, but nothing sold recently. I'm thinking it is time to get rid of them, and my intent is to donate a portion (if not all) of
  6. Thanks for the responses. Now if I could find a retailer that would list power requirements of each card, instead of every 10th one.
  7. Looking to upgrade a hand me down desktop computer that will be used solely for getting back into MVP. It's an older P4 Dell 3100 (DV031) running XP, if it matters (215W power supply). Will I see any difference between a 512MB and a 1GB video card on a game of this age? It's only $15-$20 difference on most cards, but the potential requirement for a new power supply would add up. I might have to step down to a 256MB card, depending on power requirements, although anything will be better than the on board Intel graphics. Side note, only a PCI slot available, which really narrows do
  8. Pretty sure the jumbotron is located in jumbo.o. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I was able to move it using coordinates in that file. Guessing crowd.o for your other issue?
  9. Alright, the mstadium.o file is attached (remove the .txt before opening in OEdit), can someone compose a text file of all the rhino points that make up the field's vertical perimeter (walls, dugout fence, etc.)? I'm having zero luck with OEdit on this new work machine. Just attach them to a response in this thread and I'll get to looking at the collision data. Thanks. mstadium.o.txt
  10. I'm going to start taking a look at this today. EDIT: Well, maybe not. Can someone OEdit export and attach the rhino points from the attached mstadium.o parts containing the walls? I have a new Windows 7 64 bit machine at work, not many of the editing tools made it through the switch - and it doesn't sound like OEdit plays well with 64-bit anyway. Thanks.
  11. Haven't played MVP in years, just checked in. Is it just an issue with the coll.dat data not aligning with the wall graphics (you can eventually move your outfielder and find the ball within the wall), or is there another issue? I think I could probably take care of that over a few work lunch breaks if it is the former.
  12. Played an exhibition game last night, Cardinals at Phillies, played in Minute Maid Park. The Batter's Eye batting view made it look like the infield lights weren't on. The batter and pitcher were extremely shadowed. Didn't have another chance to test it again, but I thought I'd bring it up. I've played in 8 or 10 other stadiums so far with no troubles. Just installed the 07 mod on Wednesday, haven't installed the latest 07 patch yet.
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