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any getting stram error 53 or it 59: file not found.

im getting this on the bmp file and i know i'm making my bmp 128X128 bmp for the portoit.

i even resaved a few more times making sure it wasn't somthing i did wrong, but that didnt help.

if anyone knows the answer or can take two psd files and get them saved to the proper 128X128 bmp for portorit i need i be willing to send it if tyou leave a pm where to send it.

thank you for time.

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i start up the program, as an admin, (the only way i can run it) select uniform edition, pick the team i want, this case texas, encode the team, display, take out what i want, recencode, display, go to add, get the box where you add the the peices, begin it, first you select the bmp you want. my are always 128X128 24bit bmp, thn is when i get the error and its #53, even be i know exactly where it is and is saved as it is needed to be done. after the error the program completly shuts down.

hope this is what you need to help me.

one othr thing. i do this whole one uniform at a time, then check there running in the game before adding others to the teams.


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sorry i havent gotton back and i'll need to send you files, after i post this, but a general update. i tried installing and running the program another system, and i get the same results.

i can run program and its acts as if it completly works, but its not getting everything. in short the only a new portorit in the right place.

002.fsh is the file and that already as a,b,c, and add D, is shows with parent tree as 002.fsh, but 002d dos not appear.

both u002d.fsh and f002.fsh apper in there porper place.

i use biggui and fshed to double check stuff once inwhile, when something dosn't appear right.

anything here sound odd.

im not getting any error messages.

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ah no problem . i read about the cs and bad bmp.

i wasnt going to check the fiels you sent me tomorow since i had been out for most of the evening.

glad everything worked out.

if you need anymore help,post in the official thead under COMPLETED MODS.

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