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  1. i think this is the english version of the 3dm tool
  2. how did you get the neck collar to look like a v-neck. i've tried to it and cant get it right!
  3. Translation: Why did career mode stop working when it comes to the draft?
  4. mcoll


    no worries, i do it all the time.
  5. mcoll


    ty. i'd not seen that site i will check it out. i went looking for truecolor.net its not even a registered site
  6. mcoll


    the astros used off white or version of cream or something in that area of color for awhile in the eighties for there jersey's, does anyone know what would the color value or close it might have been.
  7. im getting ready to do some new uniforms for mlb 2k12 and while do lot it the one thing Ive always had trouble doing and need ideas to help make a base is for the collar trim like the priates i think are using currently and most teams have used at sometime or another. i cant seem to shape it properly so it looks even remotely right. any suggestions or help on how to do it would me a lot.
  8. there 4 possible answers i know of. if your getting the title page velander or who ever your title page is and stays there without doing anything, then the patch for the cd isnt installed, that first reason your stuck. 2nd is the same reason, but the patch night be damaged for some reason. in both of thsese cases i'd first try install the patch again, the third what happens to me is if the patching isn't installed it will black screen but i don't remember if that was before after the velander screen, but was deffantly after the audio started that goes with it. install the patch. the fourth would be your video driver driver is bad, try reinstall of it if you can. the final thing i can think if just reinstall the game, then install the patch there might damaged file in there somewhere, once your gotten go toy setting for i believe it advance setting, and set it so the game is running in windows mode., it gets stuck again it wont force y to restart the system to be out of the game. and save that a copy of that config file that contains the setting it, somewhere else or ther with totally different same so you have the at windows mode in case it happiness again, you put it back in and not be trapped if black screens or freezes where you cant get to the desktop again.
  9. its a lot let me sort out becasue i know i have duplaites of things and see how how large it is. it take a day or two to do it. some of is work psd files.
  10. itred doing something like this, but the only i can it working everything at the same level is exbition play. i started make one wher the first sixty majors and aaa wher the power conferances. that left one team in throws for aa ball, then did the rest schools from other d1 conferace schools. ever did finish it and would losethe file, but stll have some of the art work. the season is if tired put more into the same level it cahsed even in exbition. iff remeber what i tried to do, but that was sometime ago when i tried it.
  11. was this issue due strictly to the update, or was also affected by sp1?
  12. that i think was what i was remembering ty.
  13. i seem to remember that there a patch or update or something that in windows 7 stopped mvp 05 from running does one remember it or the link on this site that talks about. did the samething happen to windows 8 or 8.1?
  14. if you have template to make the base uniform and layers then convert them properly there not real hard to do. the hard find part find images and logos for them.
  15. question 1: is the team names audio contained in one file or are they lie the uniforms each teams as there own audio file. question 2: if memory serves right, the logos are (a) three sizes, and (b) there all in one file or are they setup to be there size meaning each size as its own file.
  16. im looking picking up this mod, but am wondering if any issues have come with it? like not being able to get past certin dates in the sheudle or get to a new season. anthing that crash it. or make not play properly
  17. i'd say just do what you can and go with it. it a lot work as it is.
  18. i'm looking forward it. hope getting near the end. i know its a alot of work
  19. the classic priates have a couple errors it that neveryone is making and something 2k statred. the cap star is not centred on the line. the stars where put between the lines. the other im seeing done is the black pants used need not have two yellow bands. it goes top to botton black, white, yellow. the real way it should be. if the praites are doing that way its wrong. the yelloe cap should have black brim and top button should be black. ther easy mistakes to over look
  20. mcoll

    roster 2001

    i picked up the 2001 roster, and was working with, for color uniform to what i want, but have discovered it likely was edited at some point using vlad editor, and i don't think he's around and i'm using ty editor, is there anyway use ty editor given that they play together, export all the players. or something. its just the colors for uniforms i'm really trying to change.
  21. if its the disk, that not the case. i have the game retail disk, it doesn't matter. ive stiwtched computer times and it doesn't even ask for sn when i install it.
  22. all the files are on this disk, just use 7.zip to exstract the zips and fined what you need
  23. mcoll

    .dds plug in

    ive been forced to have to use Photoshop cc, which is now cc 2019 version, and saw intel plug in and telworks or something like that, and nivida version. but wondering if anyone know if either of them will work with this version. or know of a dds what will work with it.
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