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Rocky Mountain Air - A Rockies 2007 Dynasty


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New Plan Unveiled By Major League Baseball!!!

Denver Post

By: Christopher Ravage


Last night, days before Spring Training was set to begin, the sports world was shocked by Major League Baseball. MLB Commissioner, Michael Andrews, had a live news conference from New York City at 5:30pm. In the news conference, Mr. Andrews had told everyone that he was approached by a large group of firms with an idea that could put baseball back on the map and give every team the ultimate chance to compete and have at least one marquee player on their team. The group of firms, a majority being multi-billionaires, had come to Commissioner Andrews with the idea of starting the 2007 season with a brand new twist.

The idea consisted of a fantasy draft from the Majors through the Minors. Mr. Andrews thought a fantasy draft would help even out all of the teams and give them the ultimate chance to win the World Series, but he was concerned because of individual player contracts and teams not having enough income to support high contracts such as those of Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano. The group of firms then hit Commissioner Andrews with the news that would ultimately make his mind up, and approach the MLBPA with the idea. The group of firms stated that they would buyout and pay off every single contract until the time came for a player to be resigned, which would give every team and the MLB 100% revenue for every game, and give them all "big bank" when it came time for Free Agents to be signed and resigned.

When the idea was brought to the attention of the MLBPA, they took full embrace of the idea, voting unanimously to accept the deal. It was also looked upon by players and their agents to land somewhere new, especially if they weren't happy with their current assignment. Only time will tell how this plan will eventually unravel. The Denver Post will keep you updated over the next couple days on how everything plays out, and where your beloved Colorado Rockies end up in the draft.

::I will have another update probably this weekend as I have class and work tomorrow::

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How are you planning on doing the payoffs? Like, are you going to lower ever player contract to the minimum so that you have the most money on the teams?

P.S. Looks good so far!

I will probably just keep budgets off, because even that way, when it comes time for Free Agents, the teams act just like they do with budgets on, from what I've seen. If that doesn't work though, I will probably lower contracts for everyone since MVPEdit has a nice global switch feature.

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