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SuperMLBVector Pack v1.0


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Yeah after looking on Surreal Designz and other sites for logos I couldnt find more then like 10 logos so I was like screw it ill make them. Pretty self explanotory just import these into a GFX program for a sig or w/e use.

I hope to in v2.0 add in at LEAST 3 player cuts for every team.

(PNG's in PSD folder)


Hosted by:


100% Free

Unlimited Disk Space

Upload an Unlimited Number of Files

Serve Unlimited Downloads

No Waits, Lines, or Queues

Easily Email Files After Uploading

No Sign Up Required

Just hoping to get more and more people involved in Digital Art.

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Not to sound rude but you guys have a wrong perception of a vector.

A vector is simply an image not confined to a recatangular shape meaning transparent around the edges. A vector is not a cartoonish looking image.

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actually, the difference between a vector image and a rasterized image is its ability to be scaled.

When you scale a rasterized image, like any graphic you see on this website... it will become pixelated, because it is made up of pixels and when stretched beyond it's original size, it pixelates.

A vector image, however is not made up the same way, and can be scaled to any size without becoming distorted/pixelated.

I didn't download this graphics package, but if it is actually vectors you can resize them to whatever you like. Otherwise, it's just a gathering of logos with transparent backgrounds.

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