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No FAKES 2k9 roster


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File Name: No FAKES 2k9 roster

File Submitter: DonSPa

File Submitted: 13 Jan 2010

File Category: MLB 2K9 - Rosters

Before I start i wanna thank tywiggins for his roster editor,without that program this roster wouldnt

have been made.

I started this project late july and when i had finished the rosters wouldnt work due to some error that

wasnt recoverable.I decided i didnt wanna give up so i slowly worked at it and in the meantime there have

been trades free agent signing etc so i decided to make this a pre free agent rosters.

Every name that was faked and every name of players that was in the free agwnt pool that no longer plays

has been replaced by current real names.

I used the free agent list as players who were on the disabled list and that were also late season call ups.

At the moment all the teams are on a 40 man roster so that means some of the AAA and AA teams are not

filled so i had to try and do my best and place players on those teams who had been on them before the

roster expansion.

Also one note i wanna make clear is since names have been replaced this will mean that (especially minor

league pitchers) and will have whatever abilities of the person he replaced.So u may find u have a

starting pitcher in the minors but was in actual life a reliever or u may find they throw a curveball

when in actual life they dont.With thousands of names replaced i didnt wanna have to search them all

just to get correct abilities.Of all the names i changed this is what i changed


Ht and wt

jersey numbers the best that i could find

skin colors to the best of my knowledge

all right handed lefthanded and switchhitting roles should be correct

and in some cases i changed positions so that i could even out teams

i made each team have 11 pitchers and the rest fielders, again to even things out

i didnt change batting orders but what i did do was make sure every player on every team went a season

to where all will have stats so u shouldnt find any player in the major and minor league systems that

didnt play.I figure since most pitching staffs have majority of right handers that all(actual) starting lineups

would face right handed pitchers while backups would face the left handers.Ive ran tests on my rosters

and the results look pretty much what an actual season stats would look like.

I know that there may still be some errors in some of the things i changed but at least now all names are real.

And i know mlb2k10 will be out in a couple months but this roster can be a base for those that wont be getting

the new game.If anyone wants to use this roster as a base to update go ahead, this is the whole purpose

i started this project to help keep thinsg up to date

TO INSTALL:add the ros file to the application data/2ksports/mlb 2k9/saves folder

then run the game and load the roster

Click here to download this file

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thnx been a long few months,ive been working slowly on this roster even though its not totally correct it doesnt have any fake players now all the way from mlb down thru the single A.Im sure theres names missing etc because of all the changes that have occured and none of the free agents are on the correct teams but i wanted to get this out.Just in time for mlb2k10 lolololo

and i ran a sim season to make sure it didnt crash and it all went smoothly,just wish it had done this well back in september when i first tried to get it to work

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brother your work is wonderful, but you have to know something green contrutiba criticism with which nevertheless missed you guys that are already propecto of the team as Julio Borbon ejemlpo texas and many who now can not remember

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Don welcome back bro, tyvm for the big time effort man in my game 4sho! and looking forward to 2k10! once things get patched, i believe it will be a great game, look at 2k10 basketball once this patch drops, it will be the best game hands down, and i believe the same will happen for 2k10 baseball.

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go to ur local disk go to users/yourname/appdata/roaming/2ksports/mlb2k9/saves u may need to go to ur folder options to make sure that show all hidden files folders is checked, to do this go to ur control panel and go to the folder options

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juan i know that there will probally be some names missing because of what i had to work with.Especially at the triple a level because most of thier rosters are empty on thier webpages and the rosters have been changed alot.I tried to do a quick look at rosters but wanted to at least get this out.I may do an update not sure yet LOL especially since this was the second time i had to do all the rosters and research everything all over again.I never did figure out why the first roster set didnt work

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ok, thanks but their is no 2K Sports folder.

I installed MLB 2k9 when I had XP only and moved to another hard drive because I'm using Win7 on another partition on my hard drive. That may causes the problem.

I really don't want to reinstall MLB 2k9 because of all the things I modded...

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juan i just did a check, borbon is in the game,look under the oklahoma city redhawks,he is listed there,im not sure if he was a september call up when i first started this roster file or what but he is listed in game.Also if there s names ur not finding check in the free agents list as well because all those on the free agents are those that where on the DL or late season call ups at the time i started this project.

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