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Winning To Live A Knicks Dynasty


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Starting out the season making many moves the Knicks barely look like the Knicks of old anymore.

Roster Moves

Knicks Trade: Nate Robinson, Chris Duhon and their 2010 1st round pick.

Knicks Get: Tyreke Evans, Omri Casspi and Donte Greene.

Donnie Walsh had this to say: "We truly think that Tyreke can be a future superstar and just needs to work on his jumper. We also got rid of Robinson who has been begging me for a trade. Overall a great trade A-.

Knicks Trade: Darko Milicic

Knicks Get: Jeff Pendergraph

Donnie Walsh: Pendergraph is young strong and has a nice shot for a big man. Darko has been nothing but a bust his entire career plus getting rid of him gave us much more money then to begin with. B+.

Knicks Trade: David Lee and Wilson Chandler

Knciks Get: Roy Hibbert, A.J Price, Earl Watson and Dahntay Jones

Donnie Walsh: Chandler was heaving up shot after shot and needed to drive, he didn't listen and I have been looking at Hibbert since he was in college, great future player. B.

Starting Lineup:

PG: Tyreke Evans

SG: A.J Price

SF: Danilo Gallinari

PF: Jeff Pendergraph

C: Roy Hibbert

Game Settings 9 Mins


Game 1 At Heat

This one started out and ended with no deffence on either side. The Knicks fell behind early ending the 1st quarter down by 10 but came up strong in the 2nd quarter up by 1. After 3 they pulled their lead to 3 feeling confident they put some bench players in to start the 4th. Not smart it was all downhill from there losing by 4, 127-123

David Lee 38 PTS 7 REBS 1 BLK

Larry Hughes 18 PTS 1 REB 7-8 Shooting

Al Harrington 10 PTS 6 REBS 8 AST

Mario Chalmers 30 PTS 1 REB 12 AST

Quentin Richardson 19 PTS 3 REBS 1 STL

Dwayne Wade 19 PTS 10 AST 3 STL

After the dissapointing loss the Knicks head to Charlotte to play the Bobcats


The Knicks were horrified by this game and will never think back to it ever again they have nothing to say but DEFFENCE!!! Final Score 74-114

Al Harrington 24 PTS 5 REBS 2 AST

Steven Jackson 21 PTS 6 REBS 3 STL

The Knicks would go on to loose their next 3 and were 0-5 and garunteed a win in their next game aganst the 4-1 Cavs and LeBron James averaging 25.2 PPG.

Knicks PPG Team Leaders

1. Al Harrington 14.8

2. Roy Hibbert 14.5

3. Tyreke Evans 11.6


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Knicks 0-5 VS. Cavs 5-1

The game started out extremely close with the Knicks draining 3's left and right. They then later in the 1st made a peculiar switch to put Hibbert at Center at the same time as Jordan Hill playing PF. They knew they needed deffence. Recently A.J Price has been playing PG and Evans at SG. In the 1st Quarter the Cavs had 5 Offensive Rebounds and 10 Second Chance Points while the Knicks had 0 in both categories. At the end of the first it was a close game 38-30 Cavs up. At the beggining of the 2nd quarter it was all Knicks they quickly tied up the game 2 minutes into the quarter. It was all Knicks in the 2nd quarter outscoring the Cavs 44-21 to take a 74-59 lead at the half! Coach D'antoni was amazed and just told his team to keep on doing the same thing all season! It looked like the Knicks were on their way to their first victory. At the half Jordan Hill had 10 points all coming in the paint. At the end of the 3rd the Knicks had a controlling 9 point lead but LeBron was just warming up. Larry Hughes started the 4th on fire with 7 points in 2 minutes. With 3:20 left in the 4th the Knicks had a slim 2 point lead. With 1:43 left James is fouled and makes the basket for a 3 point play. With 4.3 left in the game the cavs down by one with the ball LeBron to Ilgaskus for a 6 footer in and out KNICKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Roy Hibbert- 25 PTS 5 REBS 1 BLK

Larry Hughes 19 PTS 3 REBS 4 AST

Tyreke Evans 17 PTS 3 REBS 10 AST

Mo Williams 32 PTS 4 REBS 10 AST

LeBron James 27 PTS 7 REBS 13 AST

Anthony Parker 15 PTS 1 REB 2 AST

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Last night 2 milestones/personal records were reached

1. Roy Hibbert 25 PTS career high

2. Chris Paul records 3000's assist with 10 AST in that game



1. Carmelo Anthony 25.7

2. LeBron James 25.4

3. Chris Paul 23.7

4. Dirk Nowitzki 22.8

5. Kobe Bryant 21.3


1. Chris Bosh 11.5

2. Gerald Wallace 11.3

3. Troy Murphy 10.8


1. Jason Kidd 9.7

2. Rajon Rondo 9.6

3.Chauncey Billups 8.0


1. Monta Ellis 3.3

2. Ronnie Brewer 3.2

3. Trevor Ariza 2.7


1. Dwight Howard 2.8

2. Pau Gasol 2.8

3. Al Jefferson 2.7

The Knicks head to Milwalkee to face the Bucks

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