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Duplicate Accounts And You

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It is my hope that after this thread is read here that people who are thinking of making a duplicate account think twice about it after reading this. I thought long and hard about using actual user names in this and at the end I decided I would because these people actually created these duplicate accounts with the intention of having more than a few downloads, or for other reasons. So with that in mind I owed them nothing.

It has come to my realization that many (or most) people here do not take into account how serious we here at Mvpmods feel about creating duplicate accounts to access the website. This is one of the major offenses on this website and if you are caught it means you are out of here for 90 days ***. I don't know about you, but that's a long time. And this is time that can be avoided because I know that you don't want to be banned from here and neither does anyone on the staff.

MarkB made a thread similar to this thread I am writing today almost five years ago and what he wrote then is still true today. But since I know that a huge percentage of you have never seen that thread and don't even know where the Forum and Site Issues area is on this website, I am now going to go over it once again.

The only thing that Mark's thread does not include is the notification of a welcome letter that each new user gets when they join the site and the reason for that is back in 2005 we did not have a welcome letter. All this letter is is a greeting to the new user and we ask them to go and read the rules of the site so they will be familiar with them. (More on this later.) Reading the rules on this site won't take a lot of your time, maybe a few minutes, and when you are done reading them you should realize that these are very laid back and easy to follow rules. (We have had many people here since we went online in February 2004 that have never been talked to about any rule yet and they probably never will. And I believe if they can do it, then everyone should be able to.)

Since the beginning of last summer this website has gone on a subscription basis. Five dollar donation for unlimited downloads for one year and ten dollars for unlimited downloads for life. This was something that was done out of necessity to help cover server and site costs. If Trues did not have to do this he would not have. For those who choose not to be contributors there is a two download a day limit that they can have.

And that right there caused the duplicate accounts to be on the rise because there were countless numbers of kids out there who thought they could sneak a few extra accounts in without anyone knowing it and more often than not they got caught. To me it is not worth going from two downloads a day down to zero and at the same time not being able to log on the site.

A few days ago I was in the shoutbox with a few of the members in here and I was pointing out to them that there was this one guy who kept joining the site over and over and over again. This guy made six accounts in one night and as quick as he made them that is as quick as he was banned. Why did he do this? Because he wanted the downloads. And I'll tell you how I know because the next day I got an "explanation" from him over at Mlbmods. This guy wanted to update his Mvp 05 and "he just couldn't wait."

Hey Yankee4Life are you also the Yankee4Life on mvpmods? if so i have a question my friend well he has finally been able to make his mvp baseball 05 more up to date by using mvpmods and he created a few accounts and knows he is not suppose to but he was so happy to finally be able to update it and doesnt have money to become a member on there so he created like 2-3 other accounts so he could download the 6 things he wanted to do and then he was going to look for an admin and when he found you i guess he got banned but was going to tell you he made too many accounts and was trying to find a admin then saw you post something on the chat on main page and was sending you a message but then couldnt and like i said he was gonna say if you could to delete his other names since he was done using mvp mods after updating the things he wanted to update. Well that is all he wanted me to tell you since he couldnt do it so ill let you be and i told him not to make dub accounts but he just didnt wanna wait to have everything up to date in three days so he did that hope you understand i mean i wouldnt since i always see other people do it but that is all for now hope your night gets better

And that's another thing about duplicate accounts. It's always someone else doing them, not them. It is always my brother, my cousin, my neighbor, etc. Never them. Have mercy! This is exactly what Mykal94 said when we caught him with a duplicate in July.

That ship has sailed and that is because of the welcome letter. This welcome letter that each new user receives tells them to go and read the site rules. That eliminates the excuse of "I didn't know we couldn't make another account." We ask you to read the rules. If you don't that is your business but ignorance is no excuse. You will be responsible for your own actions.

I have to repeat, there is no excuse for anyone to make a duplicate account. Another common excuse for making a duplicate account is creating one because you "forgot your password" to your original account. You DO NOT make a new account because of that. If you forgot your password you PM an admin of your choice and they will assist you. I have done this many times for people and there never has been a problem.

You DO NOT create another account for any reason, for "login problems" like RoSmecher complained about. What were the log in problems? Who knows? He didn't tell anyone. He just created two new accounts and that was supposed to fix his "login problems." Guess what? Now he has a new log in problem. He can't access the site anymore. Do not take it upon yourself to create a new account because you are having a problem logging on for some reason. CONTACT SOMEONE ON THE STAFF. Please. You do not make the rules around here so you don't create one because you think it is the best thing to do. If you do that and then you get caught you will be hit with that 90 day ban*** and that is that. You are guests here on this website and you have to abide by the rules of this website and you must adjust to that. This website will not abide by your rules and adjust to you.

You will not be notified by any means, be it e-mail or AIM or Yahoo Messenger that you have been banned. It's not our job to inform you that you have been banned.

Any questions? Let me know here or in a PM.

P.S. To echo one more thing Mark said in his thread five years ago, if you do have a duplicate account and it has not been discovered yet you can PM me and let me know the name of it and you will not get the 90 day ban*** that goes with it. If I find it without you coming to me, then you are gone.

*** Increased to 180 days as of September 1, 2010

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we should come up with all the excuses as well:

"but that's not fair. i only created the duplicate accounts because you banned my other ones."

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Homer, I also should have touched on how this affects you directly. Once these guys get caught and banned here they always seem to make that beeline over to Mlbmods and let everyone know there that they got banned. I hate coming over there to see that because you and everyone else do your own thing over there and you have other things to think about instead of having your site as the go-to site for their pity parties. For that, I apologize to you.

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it's no problem. though i will add that i will also get rid of them if they do so. these are games sites, wo we should be talking about the games.

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Just to let everyone know that there has been a major rule change that has gone into affect as of today, September 1st. The number of days that you, the duplicate account creator, is going to be banned for has gone from 90 days to 180 days. In other words, you want to create another account? We catch you, you are gone from here for six months. That's 180 days for you guys who don't want to count. And if you create another one because you can't wait that long, then you are gone for good.

So please don't create any new accounts. That is all we are asking. And for those of you who have never created one, this thread is not for you and we thank you very much.

Remember, if you insist on trying to create a duplicate account we only have to do a couple of mouse clicks and you are gone. Quick and painless. Is it really worth being banned from here for six months just to have another account? I don't think so.

Another thing added on to the rules today was this sentence and you will see if actually bother to go and read the updated rules that this is in bold print:

If you are banned for a dupe account do not PM anyone here asking why you were banned.

And that is self explanatory. If you make another account on top of your original account and the next time you log on and you can not access the site...do not bother Trues with an e-mail crying to him that you can't log on and you just don't know why. And don't ask me or anyone else. We are not going to notify you that you were banned. You'll find out all by yourself. So save your excuses because we have heard them all before and twice on Sunday. You are the one that made that second account so you deal with it. Not us. This is YOUR problem now.

You can avoid all this hassle by not doing this in the first place. The choice is yours everyone and all of us on the staff want you to make the right one. We'd rather have you here.

Thank you.

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