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Editing Schedule With Reditor?


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Has anyone tried editing in the 2013 schedule or any schedule for that matter? I am confused as to which to edit with reditor whether it's schedule actual, current, or all the choices? I have tried with editing schedule actual but the game won't sim past the first day of season? Could anyone help me with this at all please

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what i'd like to do is pay the game the leagues regular season only, nl teams only or al only, so trying figure out right now if that going be doable threw editing the thing. if anyone knows if that possible, i'd love to know what does work to get it as close that as possible?

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Well i've found out why it wasn'tediting past first day of season which was because I hadn't changed the Spring Trainin schedule but than I found out that you can't start a season in 2013 so I went to Vlad and he told me that he will release something soon that will allow you to change the start year of a season so it will be possible to make the 2013 schedule or so I believe it will but I'm not sure how the Houston issue will work past a season because the schedules that you have to edit from the past seasons to detirmine future schedules in the game will be against mostly NL foes so i'm not sure if it will be possible for Houston to keep a AL type schedule past the 2013 season in game but if I find anything out I will post it here.

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