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Baseball Magazines And Books


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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if any of you guys pick up and yearly baseball books and magazines. I usually get the Bill James handbook and the baseball forecatser and the fielding bible ( It only comes out every couple years though ). Lately in the last coupel years I dont get any magazines as we can get more up to date stats on the internet but, its nice to have a book to look through.


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Yeah I know. I used to get a couple books and magazines each year to browse over during the season. Now I only get one book and maybe one magazine to flip through. And thats not so much to have up to the date stats as much as just something to read at night or on lunch at work.

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I have the 2010 version of The Neyer James Guide to Pitchers book in a semi-formatted PDF file. It covers hundreds and hundreds of pitchers and the pitches they threw, even has a little small bio for some of them. If you guys would like it, I would be more than happy to upload the PDF file for you all.

It would really benefit the roster makers for the most part.

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