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All Star Game 2013


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So i've edited in the new All Star Game logo for 2013 and with the 2013 schedule on here now it would seem all that's left is to change the stadium for the All Star Game from the Royals to Mets. Does anyone know how exactly to edit this with Reditor or another tool? Sorry if it's already possible to do it in game, I haven't tried it but I want to change the default stadium. Thanks for any helps or tips!

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Bro just take the entire file itself and copy/rename it to stadium_als.iff

That filename itself is the all star stadium

I did just as KC listed for WB to change my franchise all star stadium. Copied the stadium file I wanted to use for the all-star game and renamed it stadium_als.iff and copied it back to the main game file. When I get to the all star game in my franchise, it still comes up to the default KC Royals all star stadium. If anyone has changed the stadium, is there another step I am supposed to do along with copy/renaming to als.iff ? I am not using the 2013 schedule in my franchise if that makes any difference.

Also, I tried using the mod that is here to change to Citi field for the asg, which did change to that stadium, but parts of the stadium are blocked out in the game for some reason, that is why I tried just renaming a stadium.


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