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Background Image Update Assistance


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Ok, so I'd like to update the in game menu images as they are severely outdated. I am running into some problems. I open the file in mod tool and see that it is a 512x512 DXT 5 dds (see lincecum example). I can create a replacement and change the image no problem as seen in the pics. The problem is that after changing for example slot 1 with michael bourn it makes slot 2 give me an error: java.lang.IllegalARgumentException: Width (65535) and height (0) cannot be <=0

The error slot is looking for a BMP file and won't let me do anything.

It does this after every image I replace. I can't figure out how to fix it. Just wondering if this is a simple fix. Any help would be appreciated.




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Hey raidersbball20,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your extremely hard work on the 2K13 portraits...these are excellent. I had the same errors as you did when I tried to change the background images with the 2K10 Mod Tool. I ended up using the 3DM Mod Tool Instead and it was 100 times easier for me. I would extract the exisiting image as a PNG and then save it as a DDS when I imported it back into the program.



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I went a little lazy on mine and only replaced the handful of outdated ones. Even with a good masking program, this can be time consuming to me at times. LOL!

Bro, I mod with ultimate irregularity (I'll tweak one thing on a mod and not touch anything else/play 2K12 for weeks at a time) but it takes me about 20 minutes for each player to properly crop and edit. Those sig competitions during the glory years (04-07) taught me all I needed to know about cropping. It's a pain but the end result is always beautiful.

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