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Looking For A Program


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I'm not even sure if I worded this right. What I was actually wondering is if there was a program out there that would categorize or keep a list of what you have burned on your CD or DVR?

This is what I mean. I was looking around today because Stormswarning needed a patch for Mvp that is no longer on the site. I had to look around on a few DVD's before I found it and I just wondered if there was an easy way to keep track of what you have.

This is what one DVR looked like:

I want to be able to know what is on the DVR without me having to put it in to see. If something like this doesn't exist, that's fine. I was just curious.

Thank you!

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wow! you truly are the one stop shop for mvp archives ;)

well i managed to install every mod total classics wise, i just need to find a capture program to record mvp game full

Yeah, I saved a lot of things that I occasionally go back for.

I think that Fraps records game video but you are talking about a lot of disk space to record a full game.

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