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as anyone had trboulbe since the first getting the tool top openfully and figured out to fix it?

i have the files in the right place and jave both 32 and 64 installed, but cant get it to run.

what it does is open the first box to choice the year, it closes but the main box never appears.

it the same wther its xp, 7 8 8.1

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wher in firfox and ie do o i go be sure java is good to go? and i dont anything about java and what in the system,expect ot just update. i dont my service has cleared oder versions or not, i dont if anything older exist in the systemthen just what updated it to.

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This is the one you are looking for, not the JDK.

Make sure Java is installed by going into the command prompt and verifying it's installed like this:

Start-> type "CMD" (without the quotation marks) -> press enter

Then type in "java -version" (without the quotation marks)

If you get a version number you should be good to go.

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my sercie did a tuneup to my system they messed this up again. i went back and put the filejava back inin from the lin kc gaveme above, but not fully opening agian. i get the box to selct the year, enter and nothing happaening. what am forgetting this time. i nstalled the above a crouse,so what else.

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yea i havent figuired out either. i put back the jave kc linked to me, installed the program, but dont knowwhatwas taken out that missing the services did to me. i dont if the java is doing something, or a dll needs to be somwhere im missing other than the same file as the jar, or what it is right now. im a hardware comptuer guy with knowlege how do some thing s related to software and setting, but i dont about it from the point of this program,

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will im back to ]this not working. i tired getting java out, then putting the java jre 7u51 32 bit in and as far i can get is the year selection. then nothing be the task manager says its running in the background. i know its suppose to be 32, but then i tred the same java but 64 and no go so far. any thoughts on this?

im running 8.1 64 and have been since the beginning of this thread. sorry if getting 8 and 8.1 date off.

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