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Hi, I have attempted to change some team logos and successfully edited the menu logo I wanted, but I'm haveing some trouble with the score overlay during a game. I followed the instructions from this post (at bottom), but when copying the file into the 3dm tool as a 64x64 png, the 3dm tool has a warning than a crash notice. I figure I'm not saving the logo from photoshop in the correct format.

The others were easy, all dxd5 dds, but getting this 64x64 is provng difficult. Can anyone help? If you have instructions for gimp or photoshop cs5, I can utilize either one.



Okay, managed to place my logo in everything except for the score board overlay. Cannot seem to open the overlay files in 3dm.

Now I'm at a loss. I have just the scoreboard overlay logo to go, but after saving as a png from a 64x64 image with a transparent background, I get a completely missing logo.

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I have logos changed for everything except the scoreboard. That 64X64 sized image in the uniform_XXX.iff has be confused. I'm working on a NCAA mod with a friend and that is the only component I can't figure out, even with the instructions provided on that other page. Have uniforms and logos and a roster, but can't make that score overlay logo.

If you figure it out, please let me know because I'm missing a step somewhere.

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check out smugglys how do you edit logos may 28 about page 7 I think the answer is there down the list a bit

Thanks for the reply Smuggly, but those are the instructions I was going off originally. When I do whats described on that page, re: saving my created 64X64 logo image as the file that I exported out of the 3DM tool, an Unhandled exception error come up. If I hit Continue to ignore it, I get a screwy logo with the different sized logo in the one image slot. If I hit quit, obviously I get nothing. The Details option in the error provides information I don't understand.

It's funny because when modding Madden or NHL, eventually I would figure out what I did wrong, but not with this problem. Seems everyone else gets it but me!

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Perhaps it would help if I went step by step of what I'm doing.

1. Open uniform_wan.iff with 3dm tool and extract the 64X64 RGBA logo using export, as a DDS file, keeping the original numerical name given.

2. Having created a new image in photoshop with transparent background, 64X64, my new Expos logo planted in the middle, I use "save as" and selesct the file I just exported from 3dm. I choose "DXT5 ARGB 8pp interpolated alpha" and "generate mip maps" is selected.

3. Having saved over the original, I then import back into 3dm. I am asked something in Chinese, I hit what would seem to be "YES" when the popup pops up, then get that exception error. Parameter is not valid.

That's what happens when I follow what's on that page. I use the 3dm tool for all the other logos fine, just this goofy one. It's strange, my attempts at cyberfaces are coming along better than figuring this thing out.

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Raiders, you are KING! From that other topic question with your tutorial, I never downloaded that 3DM tool because I had one already. I figured the problem was me not saving properly in Photoshop/Gimp. I downloaded the older version, did the same thing I had been trying for weeks, and bingo.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in something that had be pulling my hair out!

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