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Portraits: which style do you prefer?


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My apologies if this is the wrong forum category.

So I've really started to dive into 2k12 modding and I've been working on player portraits. In my experience so far I've seen three basic styles. I'm thinking about maybe sharing some of my own work, but first I want to gauge what you guys expect in player portraits. There's really no right or wrong way to make them look, but I'm curious as to which ones you guys think look the best.

1. This R.A. Dickey portrait is mostly headshot but also include some shoulder. The portraits that came with the game were mainly like this.


2. This is a Julio Teheran portrait that includes head and shoulders and goes down to the upper chest. (this is my personal favorite style.) 


3. This one of Nori Aoki is kind of a "box" that gives sort of a classic baseball card feel to the portrait. 


So give me your votes, folks. Which one grabs you the most? Headshot, head and shoulders, or baseball card? 


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Headshot is best, but it will be very difficult and time-consuming to create every player portrait that way. A players photo, depending what resource you use are sized differently and are different file types.  A players actual team photo posted on pressbox will look one way. A players minor league photo posted on the minor league baseball website will look different. A players photo on mlb.com when he signs or is traded to a new team during the season will look different- its just a player photo photoshopped with the new/current uniform.

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