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how to increase the batting power players


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Thanks for your comment friend, but not just A.Rod which has a good season if not several players who are hitting much.

I have tried many ways of how to increase the batting power but can not. maybe the moders working with the roster can help us with this


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The only way I know for sure, to increase Power, is adjust your difficulty slider, for "batting power" but this will only effect either your controlled team, or "ALL" Computer teams, so its a balancing act

Sorry for the humor earlier, but I just could not resist

Actually If you have "REDitor II"  or even tywiggins editor, you should be able to find the batters individual stats and increase batting power for each player, but I have never done this


Hope this helps

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Thanks friends, brainy if I have the REDIT II, and the only thing you do with it is increasing contact batting vs right or left, the batter eye, speed on the bases, accelerating the run, bunt agility, etc.

but even if all go up to 100, the batting power never changes, it remains the same.
the difficulty slider is true that you can change the batting, contact, how fielding, but it affects the whole team, the goal is to individually adjust the skills of each player.

the same my good friend raidersbball, what you do with the roster editor 1.1 is what I said before nothing else

my friends thank you very much for your comments, I urge you to give it a try and see that although the numbers are the maximum batting power never changes


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hi friends I want to thank Brayni and raidersbball for the ideas and support they gave me.
I tell everyone that already discovered how to increase the batting power players, is very easy just need to increase the number of home run of each player in the box HR vs LHP and HR vs RHP

with this tool the roster editor 1.1



I hope you serve those who still do not know how  ^_^

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