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i think i found away to match date and roster in 2k12


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ok so i did some editing of the roster went under contract and made sure that the 7th year was right all the other number dont mater as thats the past aslong as they have something other then 0.000 simmed 2012 to 2016 and everyone stayed hopefully now someone can take the roster.ros and do the same oh and im just waiting to get a very updated roster.ros before doing the completed on 4,800 players alot of contracts

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ok 1st step get latest roster.ros you can your going to need to edit this baby ,any player  that is close to 40 years or retiring your going to have to set there birthday up 5 years making them 5 years younger.

Next step goto there contract year after you move them to the right team. Add years 1st year is 2012 x 4 is 2016 save your roster.ros ps if any player has changed postion fix it in there ps hanley ramirez.

now in game simulation turn off injuries and make sure after any year that you sim you make sure your teams lineup and pitching are correct inclueded that your manager hasnt left update and sim to the next till you get to 2016 best i could do .

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I'm not trying to be a member of the grammar police, but you may want to consider using punctuation marks or some capital letters when you write your posts.  Without those, it makes it very difficult to determine where one sentence ends and another begins.  I had to read these posts numerous times to figure out what you were saying.

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