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I was looking through some old baseball photo galleries that I made just a few years back and 99% of them I never posted anywhere.  In August of 2011 I got 2, 094 alone! I was lucky because I got them from a website that posted them every day but now they don't and the result is I don't get any more photos.

ESPN does post photos after every major league game but you can not resize a lot of them to make them look presentable. Here is a random one from the Philadelphia game tonight.


It's a small size but when you try to make it a little bigger it looks awful. It is a photo I would not even consider saving. Here it is just a little bit bigger.


Now do you see what I mean? Here is an example of the photos I used to be able to get on a daily basis.


The quality is so much better. If anyone knows where to find good photos of today's MLB let me know. Thanks.

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Thank you. I am well aware of Getty Images because I believe they have the best collection of sports photos out there. But it's that damn watermark that ruins the photo and it's the only reason why I stay away from them. If I can figure out how to remove that watermark then I'd be all set.

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