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2k12 Modding Uniform Colors


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So I'm trying to make a few uniforms for my Cardinals, just to change things up a bit here and there.

I was using the batting practice unis from the 2k15 overhaul as a base.  I wanted to change the color of the jersey from red to blue.

What I did:

  • I used the NBA mod tool to extract the .dds thing
  • I made some changes using GIMP
  • saved it as BC3/DTX5
  • Imported it back into the .iff
  • Put .iff in the game folder and booted up the game

This is what my .dds looked like

alt sat uni.png


And in game the blue only showed at certain angles, with the red completely overpowering it

mlb2k12 2012-06-10 12-50-09-43.png

mlb2k12 2012-06-10 12-50-15-28.png


Is there a step I missed?  Another file that needs editing?


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Just as we suspected, it's the lack of mipmaps which can cause the old textures to show over the new ones.

Just be sure to check the box labeled "Generate Mipmaps" in GIMP when you save .dds files and keep the default setting (Fant).

Reimport and let's see how it looks ;)

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Now, all of the RGB values for the sleeves and letter/numbers are found in the roster. Be sure to use Ty's Roster Editor for that. 

Best of luck to you!

I noticed how the color of the number on the back of the jersey also controls the color of the number on the back of the helmet.  Is there something similar that controls the color of the belt?


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  • 2 months later...

No. The belt color is controlled by the texture file. The helmet, undershirt, numbers and there outlines are done in the editor with the rgb values.

Hi I need a favor I have  MLB 2K12 but I have no CD key, if you can give me a link to get one and play online please!

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mira pero no me puedes pasar ni un generador de keygen? porque eh buscado en todas partes y no consigo nada, podras ayudarme? Por favor?

I cannot do that because it violates the rules of the site and it is not that type of website.

No puedo hacer eso porque no cumple con las reglas de la página y esto no es ese tipo de sitio web para alojar ese tipo de contenido

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hi all, who can please tell me if the uniform miami marlins when you'll change colors gives you mistake because I'm editing it for the Caribbean version and gives me error every time I try to change some detail with MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1. exe

hola a todos, quien puede porfavor decirme si el uniforme de miami marlins cuando le vas a cambiar los colores te da error porque estoy editandolo para la version caribe y me da error cada vez que trato de cambiarle algun detalle con el MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1.exe



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Hola. Los Marlins tuvieron un problema técnico . Utilice el editor de lista que se encuentra en este archivo y va a trabajar para usted.






thanks brother this file you you gave me no good if this fails thanks give me permission to place you in the game thanks 2K Caribbean 2016.

gracias hermano este archivo que me distes si esta bueno no da error gracias me das permiso para colocarte en los agradecimiento del juego 2K Caribe 2016.

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