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Default CF's have no eyes in portraits.


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I'll re-do the global this weekend hopefully, outside of Red MC. Turns out the game is really limiting in terms of what you can edit in hi-res before breaking space for the other textures and messing up the .IFF file altogether.


I've tried uprezzing some misc. textures for depth purposes (like the uniform occlusion, or...shadows within the jersey) and it breaks textures across the global.iff file. That's why you get those weird issues. I've had situations where the shadowing on the ball is broken, and other situations where the catcher's gear has no textures or the batting gloves are missing. It sucks but I learned the value of compromise with modding....can't always get what we want.

I'll take some time to make some stuff from scratch (read, a stock global.iff) and release a quality global for the community to use.

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