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Gamepad/Controller Used/Using For MLB 2K12:


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      I've been playing the Major League Baseball 2K12 game for a couple years now (mostly in modded form), so I really haven't thought about this question, because I really didn't mind the few quirks my current gamepad (Logitech Gamepad F310) had, but I'm just curious, OTHER than the recommended XBox 360 & Logitech Rumble Pad 2 (in the included small/"quick" manual) is there ANY other gamepads/controllers that any of you would recommend or are playing with? Like For instance, how would the Logitech Gamepad F710 compare with or be for a possibility? Are there are common, or should I say, hot inside tip suggestions that any of you colleagues would have? Thank you in advance for any of your helpful suggestions.



Joe W. <vbprogjoe>

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I use the Microsoft Xbox One gamepad with a Wireless adapter which works great. You may have to install the driver manually to get it to work because Microsoft is awesome.  Just FYI. Or you can connect via any high speed USB cable as well. I'd suggest a nice 6-10 footer. I found a fabric reinforced 10 footer for ten bucks on Amazon, or the wireless adapter is like 20ish.



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