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Carnival - The Pictures


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As requested by Yankee4Life, here are some pictures of the Torres Vedras carnival


Me, the Mrs and some family. Night nr 3 I believe.



A view of the night parade last night



Because Portuguese license plates are awesome, that's why



The Royal Family, along with our mayor, the Japanese and Indian ambassadors to Portugal. 



92 years young and still kicking it!



But we learn how to party at a young age.



A contestant on the "Miss Matrafona" 'beauty' pageant



Making fun of politicians :)


More pics:


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You mean the carnival in my city or the history of carnival itself?

Carnival traditions go all the way back to the 13th century. It went through several changes through time of course. It's roots are intertwind with some catholic traditions. It is generally seen as a period of inverting roles in society, of assuming different 'personas' and all that goes with it. It was a period in which people could 'rule' instead of following some church mandated rules.

Carnival as we know it has its roots in the beginning of the 20th century, and with the demise of the portuguese monarchy it gained strenght, as it was seen as way of getting back at the church. There is a lot more history and a lot more to be said, this is a fairly short summary of all that. Here in my city, it has been a street event since 1923 I believe.

Oh, by the way, next year I'm retiring the bunny suit. Me and the Mrs. will be going as New York Yankees. She wants to be Jeter. I haven't decided between Paul O'Neill or Munson.

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On 28/02/2017 at 11:21 PM, BallFour said:

Nice! Looks like a great time! And if you go as O'Neill next year, you'll be able to smash all the water coolers you want!

I'm already tracking down some gear to make it look good. I'm trying to find stuff that won't require me to sell a kidney.
I have to find jerseys, a couple of gloves and the hats. 

The problem with Munson is that I'll probably spend some more cash to get some catcher equipment. And the problem with O'Neill is that I'd have to shave completely, something I haven't done in about a decade.

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