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CPU gets too many Triples and USER not getting enough HRs


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Which sliders would help me fix those problems ? I have read that batting power does not equal = traveled distance but instead travel speed so in theory i guess too many triples by CPU could be fixed by this ? Or i should lower CPU batting contact? Also how do i increase my home runs without using batters eye and all that jazz ? Im using classic batting controls, rarely directional hitting, i can make decent amount of hits it seems but Home Runs are just never there. My contact is at 40, power 55, CPU pitch speed is at 90 but i feel like i can deal with it since im getting hits, just no home runs like i mentioned before. So again not sure here which slider to tweak ? If power only increases travel speed and not distance it wouldn't make any sense for me to increase that for the sake of getting more home runs, so the only choice is increasing USER contact ?

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Timing is key to offense, regardless of all sliders. Use the batter replay cam to determine whether your swing is early or late and make adjustments to your timing. 

  Directional hitting is also important. Don't pull the ball on an outside pitch. You might get a hit but certainly not a dinger.

Get the timing down and go with the pitch (aim outside for an outside pitch, down for a sinker ball, etc. And you will get your share of homeruns.

Practice, practice, practice.


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Not sure at which level you are playing at or which mod/datafile you might be using but I don't mess around with pitch speed. A good changeup/fastball combo ( with hitter's eye off of course) remains to this day the most frustrating and difficult thing to hit in my opinion. Speed differentials are nasty at MVP level, especially on the original rosters, although contributors/modders  on this website have made some good adjustments on the more recent rosters. They are more realistic. A pitcher throwing a 96 mph fastball should not be throwing a 73 mph changeup. That's seems a little wacky for me,  but I might be talking out of my ass here.

  And as Laroquece said, play without using direction aiming, best way to get the timing down.

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My sliders - ALL STARS

Pitch Speed: 40
CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: -25
CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 4
CPU Pitch Control: -35
Bullpen Fatigue Rate: -40
Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 40

CPU Batting Contact: -50
CPU Batting Power: -50
CPU Bunting Ability: 5
CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50
CPU Swing Frequency: -47

CPU OF Speed: -9
CPU IF Speed: -15
CPU Throw Speed: -4
CPU Throw Accuracy: -8
CPU Catch Errors: 20
CPU Catch Effort: 7

CPU Baserunning Speed: -2
CPU Runner Aggression: -10
CPU Runner Steal Speed: -6
CPU Runner Steal Delay: -15
CPU Steal Rate: 12

Runner Injury Frequency: 1
Pitcher Injury Frequency: 1
Batter Injury Frequency: 1
Fielder Injury Frequency: 1

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Thanks I will check it out when I come back from work. 

 The problem for me with the MVP15 mod is the pitching view. It is way to small and far away on my monitor and I cannot pitch with any precision whatsoever. I actually like the original pitching view from the stock datafile.  There are some good ones on the website but they always seem to alter the batter cam as well. (Pitch 6/ bat 4) .

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Yes, that´s why im using Pitch 6/ bat 5, a view more enjoyable to see the pitch more in the middle, hell, sometimes when i´m on a slump I use only reverse camera and believe it or not work for me, hitting moonshots homeruns, weird.

I think it help a lot the pitch speed, because I set it in 40, many times i hit homers to the other side when my react is a little late and only because the pitch is throwing so hard, take a look and tell me how it work for you   

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Laroquece, I tried out the datafile. I really like the pitching/batting cams. 

Only issue I seem to be having though is all my cyberfaces are out of whack (?) Reinstalled Gordo's latest rosters and still having same problem...strange.

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