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MayoLuck's MLB project

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I have enjoyed some great mods here. It's brought my game back to life and the joy of baseball back to me. That said Im just a dude from Texas thats been rooting for the Mets for 20 years in need of a fulfilling baseball sim.


After a bit I decided to tackle my own project, I'm working off the 2k19 roster mod (I'll credit the author here and others mods down the page). I'll brake down what I'm doing and why. Since I have a late start I'm going to start with the Opening Day and mod it to Trade Dead line since I started with OD weeks ago and have put in to much time to start fresh. As I go along I`ll do more difficult modding and more in depth stuff. I'm learning as I go, so bare with me if stuff seams redundant or to much of a task.


I've done from start to finish this list with the LAA and looks pretty damn sweet. Took me a week to do them but I was learning most of the tools.


As of now I have 15 Franchises done, with just the last bit of MiLB tweeking to do. Since I decided to go more in depth I'm having to go back and fine tune them.


◇Side note this a personal project, not something I'm uploading bc I started off the base of someone elses ROS hard work. I'm just taking it to the next level and thought I'd share the extra detail I put in.◇



☆Major League☆

--MLB Depth Chart from opening day to trade deadline

¿I'm getting ctd in league injury report (team specific, not the overall list) in franchise mode. Think its bc of my injury calender date is not set for the players on the DL, just the amount of time and injury. Going to test if I set the calender will fix this?

~~MLB Overalls Adj.

▪I do this so the CPU doesn't put a backup over a starter.

(Example: Backup CF is higher than the starting LF, it will bench the LF. Even if in real life the backup is better but doesn't play that postion.)
▪All MLB players are 99-75, no pros under 75.

(All MiLB are 70 or lower, this keeps minors in the minors but their are some players that are the expectation. Like the Top 100 Prospects, they will the league accordingly everyones else is treated as players needing groomed. The game likes to throw older high rated players in the minors for young low rated players. This fixes that so that minors get a MLB spot bc of injury or level up to make it.)


~~FA removal and lowered ratings

▪Removed all older players over 30 in FA

(Arod, Jeter etc all gone and added back to coaching pool)

▪Doing this makes teams pull from the farm system when there is a open spot

▪The ratings where based on the players coming out your draft mid season 

▪ Lowered ratings according to their age.

(Example: 30y-27y=AAA70-65, 26y-24y=AA60-55, 23y-18y=A50-45)

▪Adjusting overalls makes sure teams dont fill their affiliates with older high rated players. I've sim'd and only when injury or the player breaks that overall threshold will he be moved up or down in most cases others its performance. Helps keep teams from making stupid choices. Good players make 10 to 15 point jumps at the end of the season, so it will take in average a season to move up if a player is meeting their yearly potential. Some players will make great leaps as well and jump a league.

▪This also keeps from having outrages contracts for FA's, it's more on par where they will be assigned when they get picked up.

~~MLB Staff

▪Adjusted their appearance, audio id, contracts and stats.

▪Stats for staff in '19 not in the game in '12, adjusted by teams performance from their 2018 season and copied over from a '12 coach.

(Example: LAA have staff stats of a team from '12 that where out of the playoffs race. BAL have staff stats of the worst team in '12. NYY have staff stats of great hitting and good pitching)

▪Contracts for managers match real life, the rest of the staff it's hard to track down. So I came up with a formula that makes it where there are different parts of everyone's staffs needing renewals each year. That way everyone doesn't need to do rehire's of the same staff memeber each yr.

(Example: Everyones Scout needs rehired so there isn't massive swaps, makes you more strategic in your hires)

▪Adding in retired players to the FA coaching pool.

(Renaming the available staff to retired players, using there player type as their coaching stats.  Jeter would be a Motivator/Hitting, Pedro would be Pitching etc)

¿Need help with the coaches visual id so i can assign them to new retired player coaches and updated staff. It takes to long to randomly choose one and try in game over and over?

~~MLB Player Photos

▪For now I'm recycling the '12 photos.

(Players active now that are on the `12 ROS gets his '12 ROS photo on his '19 team. "Example: R. Cano as a Yankee on the Mets".)

(If the player is not on the '12 ROS. I use a player from '12 ROS thats not on any team or retired currently. "Example: Jeff McNeil has a player photo from the '12 ROS Mets thats retired now" I match them the best I can to there MLB.com photos)

¿I will use updated photos once I figure out how, just need to sit down and mess with it again. I've only tried it once awhile ago?


~~MLB Cyber Faces

▪Repeating procces for photos, no duplicates allowed either. No more created character generic face either. Draft pics are assigned CF when they come into the leauge.

~~MLB Body Type

▪Change the body definitions settings to make them more cut, ripped, athletic or fat.

(Trout looks like a stud and Colon is built like my Dad. It gives the game more of a mix of body types from small athletic, muscle heads to fat players. Before everyone looked the same)

~~MLB Skin Tone

▪Not all cyber faces are an exact match to the players og skin tone i assigned  them to so a fine tune is done)

¿There are still 11 skin tone setting but the game doesn't use them all or recognize some?

~~MLB Batting Stance/Pitching Motion

▪All players have unique stance or pitching motion instead of generic setting

(Players that have a stance/pitching motion in game get their own stance/pitching motion, everyone else is random but no generics. Possible fine tune will be done to top players that dont have theirs in game)

~~MLB Team Colors

▪Adjusted hex codes and set colors to match team as best as possible

▪Realigned Team Color1, Team Color2, Team Color3 for each uniform so that you color combo are different for each uniform set.

(Example: LAA

▪Home Unis set to Blue/White/Red=TC1/TC2/TC3 for the players team color gear options. 

▪Away Unis set to Blue/Grey/Red=C1/C2/C3 for the players team color gear options.


What this does is makes the player have a different colored gear set for home then away without ever going in and changing it in Edit Player menu. 


▪Red sleeves home, Grey away, White alt home, Red alt away, Blue BP home, Grey BP away, Marron throwback home, Maroon throwback away.

▪White cleats home, Grey away, Red alt home, Red alt away, Blue BP home, Blue BP away, Maroon throwback home, Grey throwback away

Same for batting gloves, wristbands, tape anything else assignable  to Team Color 1/2/3)


~~MLB Gear

▪Every player has a gear deal

(Trout is all Nike'd out, no mix matching gloves and shoes from dif companies, big no no in real life too. After players are drafted it will randomize and miss and match on it's own, I cant lock gear numbers to each other to keep it from happening)

~~MLB dbl check

▪Go back threw with a fine tooth comb of previous steps and game test the settings to make sure there is a good mix and randomness to it. 



☆Minor League☆
~~MiLB affiliates

▪Realigned them to 2012 season till I figure how to change the banner logos in menus and can make new logos for unis. Bc when you move an A team they keep the previous trams pro unis with them.

~~MiLB Depth Charts

▪if you dont have a certain depth chart set

2-C, 2-1B, 1-2B, 2-SS, 1-3B 5-OF, 12-P.

The CPU will auto set the depth chart to this everytime for all teams. By doing this matched with my overall rating adj it keeps starters in and the right spot accordingly to vs RHP and LHP

~~MiLB Overalls Adj.

▪AAA max overalls 70-65

▪AA max overalls 60-55

▪A max overalls 50-45

This setting keeps players in the developmental league they should be in, instead of 85s in A and 50s in AAA. This allows players to grow agaisnt the right competition.

~~MiLB Potential

▪Only top 100 prospects get 5 stars, left everyone else alone or moved them from 5 to 4. Once the draft hits there are a new group of top prospects with 5 stars.

~~MiLB Contracts

▪If you dont adjust this all teams run broke at the end of season

(Some teams have more money in MiLB contacts than MLB) bc their are a ton of players in the MiLB with long/high contracts that are unreal bc its a modded pro player from '12

▪Star rating=contract length.

(1 star=1 yr, 5 star=5 yr. This gives a chance to snag unsigned prospects and keeps shit players from being locked up for yrs.)

(No one is signed to more than 1mil per yr unless they is a MLB player sent down during season)

~~MiLB Staff
▪Repeat step as MLB

~~MiLB Cyber Faces

▪Pulling CF from the '12 ROS and assigning them to '19 MiLB rosters matching the skine tone codes.

(Once all faces are used, start the cycle over, it will prob take 3 cycles to fill all the teams. New drafted pkayers fet CF so from then on out wont have to do it anymore)

~~MiLB Top 100 prospects Photos

▪Only these player and 5 star MiLB get team photos everyone else cyber faces. Again no duplicates allowed. Apdate at the end of each season played in Franchise Mod (Roster Editor tool) for the new batch of Top 1000 and 5 Stars.

▪ Doing this you know when you play a Minor League game the guys with photos are Top 100 guys that you might look to trade for and scout first hand.


~~MiLB stadiums

▪Reassigned stadiums for all minor league teams so there is a nice mix of stadiums in each league and used less often the boring MiLB stadiums.

▪Renamed the stadiums by using all the MLB Product named stadiums only. 

(The Beer sponsors are also sponsoring the minor league affiliates stadiums and so fourth, unique ones are left out for obvious reasons)

(There are more than one in real life so this system doesnt bother me

(Some leagues recycled only a few stadium for each league. I play my minor games and wanted a better experience)

(Assigned teams stadiums best i could to the area backdrop, ive been to almost every state and just about seen every MLB city and MiLB city minus a few, nit the stadium but the city it self)

~~MiLB Body Type

▪Same a the MLB step


~~MiLB Skin Tone

▪Same a the MLB step


~~MILB Batting Stance/Pitching Motion

▪Same a the MLB step

~~MiLB Team Colors

▪Same a the MLB step

~~MiLB Gear
▪Same a the MLB step

~~MiLB dbl check

▪Test and go threw and fine tune


Would like to make MLB/MiLB unis and logos.

Make fielding glove brands to match the gloves and shoes.


I may add some other stuff, if anyone has any info to help or ideas feel free to speak up.






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Here is pics of a player in different uniforms  (Throwback away, Home, Alt away, BP home) with the same gear on but different color combos. No editing was done to make him have different colors for each uni shown. It auto changes the gear to a color combo for that specific uniforms colors.  





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Been grinding away silently on a few more teams. Each one is taking about 8hrs to complete. Knocked out Astros, A's, BJays in the pros. MiLB i have the Hooks, Sounds, Grizzly, BayBears, RockHounds and Bees.


MLB: Roster updates, depth chart, overalls, photos, cf, gear, unique batting stance/pitching motion


MiLB: top 10 prospects per team created with photos/CF, all players have cf, gear, unique batting stance/ pitching motion , players aligned according to their age (no 30yr olds in A, very few young guys in AAA), contracts and potentials readjusted.


Coaching: updated ratings adjusted based on Farm System rankings, contracts and appearances


Uniforms: Home/Away are normal, all others in there set i changed up with what was provided (i suck at making unis atm)









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For screenshots, you can use Fraps instead since that can do screenshots within the game using a shortcut key on the keyboard (usually it's one of the F1-12 keys).

Activate your copy of Windows 10 btw lol

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On 10/24/2019 at 1:31 PM, Kccitystar said:

For screenshots, you can use Fraps instead since that can do screenshots within the game using a shortcut key on the keyboard (usually it's one of the F1-12 keys).

Activate your copy of Windows 10 btw lol

Yea my photo editing program is on my tablet and i was being lazy and didnt want to email myself the pics. Lol. Ill check out Fraps, i do a lot of screenshots for artwork so anything that streamlines it. So does it take dbl pics since f12 takes pics already in steam? As to the w10, 😒 didnt even want it in the 1st place but you can only dig in your heals for so long, its a test version for troubleshooting system problems. 

Edited by mayoluck

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On 10/29/2019 at 2:47 PM, Kccitystar said:

I'd love to collaborate with you on a roster project I'm working on. Maybe you can tackle the CPU logic within the roster :)

Damn didnt get a notification you replied, sorry, glad we ended up speaking.

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57 minutes ago, picklebrad said:

Maybe one of the admins can fix this for you. Thanks my friend!


Np, keep me updated, i def would like to see a more detailed setup, that was a just a quick pass i did.

6 minutes ago, Kccitystar said:

Resolved ;)


Very nice, very nice, i just was hoping it wasnt bc of incompetence on my part. 🤣

Edited by mayoluck

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