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Simulated Season Faces


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Hi All,


I was simming my game far enough forward in franchise mode that all the players would retire and that way all the unchangeable audio would be removed. When I copied the franchise roster over to a normal roster file, however, I ran into some appearance issues with players. If you go to the player themselves and edit them you can see the preassigned CF and everything runs smooth. The same thing goes if you assign a new CF while turning one of these players into a current player. However when you jump in a normal exhibition game nearly half the players end up resorting back to the default CAP face. While looking into this issue, I decided to not alter any players after transferring the data over from the franchise file to see if the reason was tied to my editing the players in some way. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Even with just the default faces they were assigned in franchise mode, a portion of them reset to the default in-game anyway. Not only that, but there seems to be no clear reason or indication as to how or why. One player showed up just fine in one game, but reset to default in the next. Does anyone have any idea why this is or how to prevent it? I have never run into this issue with the default rosters the game comes with. My assumption is that it has something to do with how the franchise rewrites player files, but unfortunately if you do not do this the commentators will call Aaron Judge whatever player he was created after (like Alex Rodriguez, for example). Since there seems to be no way to remove this audio outside of franchise mode, I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the updated roster can not actually be played with, then I feel like I've just been wasting my time, unfortunately.


Thank you for the help  

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Just to update:


It seems that this occurrence may actually be tied to the number of players on the team. I had been building 40 Man rosters on the MLB roster (rather than placing certain guys in AA or AAA) when this occurred. I have begun working a little more carefully to eliminate exterior factors, and right now it seems this issue does not occur when there are 25 players on the team or less. Why this is the case, I cannot say for sure and I will be continuing to look into it as I build current rosters (I'll be checking when I finish all the hitters for a team, then all the pitchers for a team) one at a time. 


That being said, if anyone knows why - and it isn't tied to the number of players on a roster - Id still love to know that as well.



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