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Franchise draft day


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1 hour ago, 4everGiantsfan said:

I am using MLB2K12 in a Windows 10 64 bit system.  Is there a way to get by the MLB DRAFT day in franchise mode?  I go to simulate through the draft and everything freezes!  Can someone provide an answer to this problem, please?


What roster are you currently using? The stock roster shouldn't have this problem.

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13 minutes ago, 4everGiantsfan said:

I am using Roster2021.ROS

I deleted the stock 2K12 roster.  Was that a mistake?  Do I need to reload the game and start all over again?


The stock 2K12 roster should be on the site.

Given that I've looked into how the rosters are constructed, it looks like the slots are missing for players that get generated during the draft and the game doesn't know what to do. There is no way to import them after the fact. That has to be done from the initial roster creation.

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