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Global edits, sliders and outcomes


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Hi everyone,


it has been a while, I know there’s no new roster news to be excited about.  I have been working on creating more varied and realistic outcomes within the confines of the following known issues with the game.


- starting pitchers being left in too long

- lack of check swings called strikes

- lack of AI batters being struck out looking.


I don’t know if it was just me who noticed or experienced the last two.  But I do know that most have noticed the issue with starting pitchers throwing 10-11 innings and I think I have found a workable solution to this and have had great results in games I’ve been playing.  Getting into the AIs bullpen, and in later inning seeing 2-3 different relievers depending on the situation.


So the phrase global edits is in the title of This post, but I’m not using it in the traditional sense of making everyone the same.  I have been using a combo of game sliders and globally lowering/raising attributes, abilities and tendencies by 1-2 points at a time to achieve results.  

for example, the AI bases how long a pitcher remains in the game purely on pitch count.  Fatigue plays no role and I have found for realistic velocities later in the game, pitcher fatigue really needs to be lowered to 35-40.  No more losing 4-5 mph later in the game since fatigue is not related to stamina/PC.  It only effects velocity, control and pitch execution as the pitcher tires, and how fast they tire.  As to pitch count, I have not done anything but globally lower all starting pitcher stamina by 1 point.  The rest is in global sliders, and a few tweaks with the AIs attributes.  Lowering strike zone tendency to 40, increasing the AIs ability to execute pitches correctly to 65, and some patience from you the player, I have been getting into bullpens in the 5th to 7th inning.  Top tier pitchers still can go deeper.


im going to put together specific details on this for a later post. Putting this out there to put some excitement into the community that there is hope for continued improvement of 2K12.  

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