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This was too long to put in chat

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This is too long for me to type in chat so I will post it here.


I am very tired and frustrated every time I read about school shootings - or any kind of shooting. We just witnessed in a matter of days a nut going to Buffalo, a place where he doesn’t even live- and shoot people because they just happened to be black. Wow, what a reason!! He is eighteen -years-old. He’ll never see freedom again for what he did. Eighteen!


And then almost when that event was ceasing to be the headline of the day another shooting happened in Texas by another eighteen -year-old. This time this nut is dead.


What worries me is that all the sorrow, all the tears, all the outrage will be discussed and be on everyone’s mind for awhile and then after a few more days it will be like it never happened. Until it happens again and the same song and dance about “something needs to be done and NOW!!!” will be brought up by someone. Rinse and repeat.


This is a great country and I am glad I live here but we have an overload of idiots. I honestly wonder what other countries think of us. Something should have been done after the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012. Well, it did. We had a radio host spread lies that the shooting was a government fabrication and these grieving families (and even their dead children) were actually paid actors. Think about that for a minute. I truly believe that someone like the NRA put him up to this to take attention away from what happened. Whatever the case, it worked. Some people actually believed him and what is more nothing ended up happening, which was probably the intention in the first place.


Parkland was in 2018. I give those kids credit because they were furious and it showed. They can vote now so I hope they are voting against all those politicians who do nothing except give thoughts and prayers when something like this happens. Thoughts and prayers? Yeah ok. The people would rather have their kids. A kid named David Hogg was the spokesman for the Parkland students and he spoke at a rally that was held in Washington.  He also was accused of being an actor. I actually thought that something positive was going to take place but the politicians and the NRA just sat back and waited and in the end they won again because nothing changed.


There has been other school shootings since then but the latest one took place in a little town in Texas. This is where we are right now. Never mind the fact that before this a group of Asian church goers were shot to death in California for God knows what. Even if it does not get a lot of press coverage you can not dismiss the fact that people there lost their lives and their friends and families will grieve for the rest of their days.


So, here we stand in the aftermath of Texas. Ask any of us who were in school in the 70’s or 80’s. We never had to worry about this. The only time we had to evacuate the school building was for a fire drill. I don’t have kids but I know relatives that have kids the same age as those in Texas. My beautiful cousin teaches fifth grade and she loves her job but my God I worry for her every day because who expected Connecticut or Florida or Texas or any other place a school or non-school shooting has taken place? I worry for her and I worry for everyone.


I was inspired to write this here because of the article posted in the shout box.  Never mind that it is twelve-years-old. It makes perfect sense and it makes me wonder why this has not been acted upon yet? Read it if you have a chance. It makes you think.


I am fed up about this but I don’t know what to do about it. I'm sorry to say that things may change if one of those senators that refuse to vote for background checks has (God forbid) one of their small children or their niece or nephew on the wrong side of a bullet just because they happened to be at school. I would not want to read about that. But there has to be something to wake them up.


Those little kids who died deserved better. So do all the kids.

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@Yankee4Life Thanks for sharing. I'm up in Canada and these shooting are foreign to us. Sure we had one crazy killing spree out East last Summer and it has gone without answers as to motive, but it's also not a common weekly occurrence like it is to the South of us. It's scary as you just never know where it might happen next. A concert (like in Vegas), innocent children getting ready for their Summer vacation in less than a week, a craving for ice cream can leave you dead. Like you said, where and when does it end? We sooo often hear the news and hear it simply as a body count, forgetting that these are actual lives. And no only do we lose those who have died, all those who witness these cats are forever impacted. All these kids now need to come to term with death before the 5th grade. That's not what living in America should be!

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Where are you when we have hundreds of mass shootings in between the networks picking these ones up for narrative? You should be tired of the politics played on top of these children's bodies. Thats the disgrace in all of this. We have celebrities , athletes with security that will maul you like a bear, but when you bring your kids to school, nothing can stop the nut from doing as he pleases.

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